Top 10 essential Breastfeeding tips for first time mothers

Well, look at that cute face. The newborn that you are holding wants just her mother and only mother knows the best so rest all depends on the mother how she takes it forward. The newborn need is primarily and essentially feed and those who succeed to breastfeed the baby without any issues are just fortunate. Remember, there is no substitute for breast milk. No matter what any formula brand claims. Breast milk remains the most vital source of baby’s nutrition. It is also proved that babies who are exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of the life are more healthier, smarter and independent even later in life. If mothers choose to continue breastfeeding for a longer period, this is again beneficial for the child and known as extended breastfeeding.

While I was at the hospital to deliver my baby, I had no idea what to expect when the baby arrived. I would like to focus on the key points to start a healthy breastfeeding journey.

1. Since babies are comfortable when close to their mothers, the skin to skin contact is encouraged. This helps in inducing a good flow and the baby who is already a champion at the sucking reflex, would feed himself naturally.

2. The first milk of the mother is said to be the elixir for baby. This first thick milk has the antibodies that is crucial for the baby’s growth. So, this should be given to the baby no matter what.

3. Keeping a manual breast pump handy will help mother express the milk if the baby is unable to feed himself directly or the new mother finds difficulty in proper latching.

4. A new born would like to feed every 30 minutes initially so be prepared for that. Invest in a nursing pillow which will keep baby close to the breasts without tiring the mother.

5. Always burp the baby after a feed. Keep the baby upright onto your chest and carefully and slowly, pat the baby’s back until he burps. This tip goes a long way.

6. If a thick curd like substance comes out of baby’s mouth, don’t panic. It means the milk is digested and excess milk is out. Wipe the baby’s face with a soft cloth.

7.Try to consume healthy but light food initially yourself. The foods to avoid are heavy creme dishes and any alcoholic beverages.

8. You need to spend a lot of time feeding the tiny tummy so getting some help with household chores will ensure the baby is attended and fed on demand.

9. Look for baby’s cues like moving his neck in search of feed, or sucking his own lips or fingers. Crying is the last cue and should be avoided.

10. Drink plenty of water as breastfeeding is indeed a thirsty job.

Breastfeeding is the best source of infant nutrition. Good maternal nutrition is important for the preparation and maintenance of breastfeeding. When thinking of using infant formula, a mother should be aware of the financial and social implications of formula feeding, the difficulty of reversing the decision not to breastfeed and the care that must be taken to prevent partial formula feeding from interfering with lactation.

In addition, proper preparation of powder or concentrated liquid infant formula requires the use of boiled water for the purposes of mixing formula and cleaning implements and the manufacturer’s mixing instructions must always be followed. Improper mixing or preparation may make a baby sick. A healthcare professional should always be consulted before initiating formula feeding.

Please share whether you have faced similar or worse situation during the breastfeed journey?

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