Bedtime Stories Edition - The Dragon named Rexy who made friends


Bedtime stories are very crucial. It brings about imagination and a learning in kids. They learn to picture scenarios in the little minds. I never let go of any occasion of a make belief and a sensible storytelling time. My daughter’s bedtime routine consists of a zillion bedtime stories which have to come up spontaneously. She wants to hear stories about Frogs, Princess Fifi, forests, a bunny and what not. This time she said she wanted a bedtime story about a baby dragon named Rexy.

Then, she looked at me excitedly and I came up with a very children friendly version of my imaginations. This is a great story teaching sharing and problem-solving. Here it goes.

Not so long ago, In a faraway forest, there lived a baby dragon named Rexy. Rexy wanted to make new friends so he thought of playing with other animals in the forest. He found a bunch of animals playing close by. He said, “Hello everyone” But everyone ran away. Why? Because he was breathing Fire. Dragons do that all the time. He felt sad and started

to cry. His mother was picking up some red apples from a tree when she heard Rexy cry. She quickly approached him and asked, “Why are you sad my little baby Dragon?” Rexy looked at his mother and said, “I am crying because no one would play with me. When I asked to play, everyone got scared and ran away” His mother hugged him and gave him an apple. When he ate it, Mother said, “We have to make a plan, so that your friends aren’t scared of you anymore.” She said, “let us pick some more apples from the tree for your friends.” They thought of a plan too.

The baby dragon Rexy had his mouth covered with a hankerchief this time. So, now when he talks, the fire would not come out of the mouth. How Brilliant he thought?

He went near his animal friends and shared the delicious red apples with them. They were not scared anymore of the Rexy dragon as he wasn’t breathing fire anymore.

This way, Rexy got to play and he learned two things.

It’s good to share with friends, and, there is a solution to all the problems. You just have to talk about it.

Way to go Rexy Dragon.

My daughter really enjoyed this bedtime story and she is going to sleep now. Shhhhh.

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