Do you eat in the toilet? So, How can you breastfeed your baby there?

Another problem lies with breastfeeding is mom shaming. The mother who is determined to feed the baby but is controlled by her own morals, and pressured by her own partner. She wants to just feed the hungry baby. For mothers this has been a never ending issue. They say breastfeeding is the best for the baby, for his whole life. They count the benefits in their fingertips. They suggest breastfeeding is any day better than the formula feed. But when the baby is hungry, unless he is home, is supposed to hide somewhere he can’t be seen getting fed. This is the problem. Not just a woman’s problem. But a man’s problem too. The part where they are supposed to support their family, their child’s utmost need is forgotten easily and the mother is shown the way to the “Toilets”.

Feeding in public is not easy. While men get angry at the sight of any mother breastfeeding her baby, they should be asked to mind their own businesses and concentrate more on other important issues in life like racism, poverty, war etc. Some suggest that start formula milk for such times when you are ashamed of breastfeed in public. Thus telling the mother to trust a few years of technology over a million years of natural evolution. To be honest, there is no shame and no indecency involved in breastfeeding. Women providing the best food to her children should be above all truths and views. If anyone has an issue, mostly the males, then they shouldn’t look. Has anyone told these males that they were once breastfed too? What an irony if the same people who were breastfed are now making a scene about it. I think it should be women’s choice to cover or uncover, feed while eating or feed while sleeping, feed in a restaurant or on a plane. It’s her fundamental right. If a mother do not want to feed her child discreetly, respect her. If mother prefers to breastfeed her child, appreciate her. She is bringing up the next healthy generation. We owe her. The society owes her. Let’s not criticise her and make her vulnerable. Let’s not force her to quit breastfeeding. Let’s not mother shame her. She should be awarded and this act should be taken as a dignified act only.

Think twice. If you do not eat your food in the toilet, then why should the baby be fed there?

Please raise your voice against this stigma and share your opinions here.

Lets be – All for one and one for all!!

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  2. I must say that it depends upon the perspective of the people how they look at this?
    there is nothing wrong to feed your baby in public, you a lady should be stopped or told not to do so?
    that is not fair enough …
    the mentality should be changed…