What do you keep at your bedside? A book or phone?

This indeed is the 21st Century, the age of gadgets. Each one has a phone, fingers scrolling down the screens, for hours without a care of the people sitting next to them.

This is you, me, us and everyone.

We are the victims. And very soon this will have consequences we all dread.

About time, I asked a question. How many of you still have a book at the bedside? Most of you would say we don’t as we have replaced our phones/ I pads to the books. And at the night time, before we take the much-needed break our body needs, we like to see if there is any change happened to the world through Facebook or let’s check who is not going to show up tomorrow through Whatsapp group chat.

We keep our phones on the bedside charging stations. Books are only limited to academics.

Well. Just stop here. This is an addiction. 

You might be thinking, but’ Facebook is quite informative!

Books give us knowledge. The IT media like internet, Facebook gives us only information, which is mostly based on other’s perspective.

The day we replace our books with gadgets, we no longer look forward to gaining knowledge.

Only seeing what someone wants us to see, only reading one person’s opinion is an absolute waste.

Use your thinking power, imagination and increase the scope of knowledge when you start reading a book.

Restrict screen time.

Buy books, lend and borrow, keep dry flowers in them,

Anticipate what will happen next when you flip the pages and save your eyes from harmful rays of gadgets.

Books are man’s best friend and this will stay true forever no matter how advanced we become.

The future will be bleak if the books are forgotten. Read while you can, smell the scented paper has.

You will fall in love with the books – which are so full of the world’s knowledge.

Happy Reading!

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