She thought she was dying !

This is a story of fiction, focussing on the need for the right information about those 5 days.

Nita is a 12-year-old girl hitting puberty anytime soon. She is an orphan! The family that has adopted her consists of a lady and her brother. They are both unmarried and they have accepted Nita as their own child. They even have her name in the family will. Nita is a young girl who never went to school before. The orphanage only added to her miseries and now she is afraid of even talking about any personal matters to anyone.

Today, Nita attend her school a week in a row. She came out outstandingly in academics. Especially the literature and spellings. But, an urge to sit down followed her during her classes. She felt uneasiness, cramping and a feeling she never encountered before. Ever. She is trying to hide her painful face from everyone throughout.

As the day proceeded, she noticed some leaks but it’s not the usual scenario.

“Oh, how unfortunate I am. I just got a family of my own and now I am dying.” The thoughts crossed her mind.

As soon as she went home, she tried to stay calm but instead, she turned very confused. The pain in her abdomen was so bad that she couldn’t even have her meal. She lost her appetite. When dinner was served, she simply refused.

At night time, when everyone was fast asleep, she silently got up and tried to wash her soiled clothes. It was winter so she used some hot water.

She continuously told herself that she is feeling sorry for herself that she is dying.

This murmuring woke the lady of the house up and she came out of her room and encountered Nita.

Nita was caught. She was horrified. She told her that she is extremely sorry for letting the family down. She explained how she is sick and dying.

The lady took it very easily.

She told her that

Do Not Worry.

This is a natural cycle that happens to women every month for the next many years to come. This isn’t any disease but a sign that the girl is now a blossoming woman. This is no time for grieving.

Next was she told her that she has to wash her soiled clothes first with cold water and then with hot water.

Just then, lady’s brother comes inside and they both try to send him back. And he realized that this is some feminine matter, he goes back to sleep. And so does the ladies.

Next morning onwards, life goes on smoothly.

How easy it has become for Nita who was so afraid of her menstrual cycle or period! But, considering her age, it was more appropriate to educate her earlier about the same. Then, The poor girl would have saved herself from this embarrassment and such baseless thoughts. Education begins at home, and thus this important message is for all the women who already know about the right facts and a timely communication to the buds before they turn into blossom.


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