Teenage – when everyone is good except the parents

The age of innocence is practically over. On the verge of adolescence, the teenager might be in their own world. Light years apart from the reality. While everything seems like a piece of cake and a joyride, many invite unwanted troubles untended. They are puzzled between childhood and adulthood. They will hide so many things from the parents of course as they do not accept any lectures or want any directions at this stage. Their dream world has a new meaning separate from childhood.

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They are future adults and thus they begin believing and behaving like such. Mothers are replaced by school friends and peers who are trusted more than their own guardians. Teens lead a secret life which sometimes gets revealed in the face of embarrassment.

This age is so fragile that one wrong step and the remaining life gets stained. I recall an incident where my colleague at work was going on a half day leave, upon asking if everything was well, she replied with hesitation that her friend’s thirteen ( teen) year old girl is pregnant by her friend of the same age and today, they are going for her abortion. In the eyes of the parents, they gave freedom to the children and entrusted them and this was the result. God knows how many times they misused this blind trust and now the girl’s life was scarred forever even if no one else knows about. She would remember this forever, won’t she?

Have faith in your offsprings but be a parent and do not accept them at the face value. They need to be supervised and friend zoned so that they feel the parents are approachable when something is not right. Keep an eye on their schedule, their friends, and most important on their belongings. If you observe a drastic lifestyle or attitude change than it should not be taken lightly. They might be on the way to impress someone or might be falling prey in the hands of a stranger. They could be having an affair or doing drugs which parents aren’t aware of. They are fascinated by everyone at this stage so, controlling them emotionally and counseling them is of prime importance. Sit with them each day and discuss nicely and you shall see that this dangerous and delicate phase has passed easily with no damages done.

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