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Palmer’s – A name I first heard when I came to Dubai. I saw the products in many big supermarket shelves displayed and it always attracted me. I was very skeptical to use any new product after having some bad experiences with other brands. Some were just out of budget while some made my skin dry and acne prone. Some products even changed my skin tone to a few shades darker. I was baffled and initially I used only the products that I got from my home country. But the climate here is completely different from where I was raised. This place needed more attention to skin care and overall health. I needed some solution.

When I was expecting my child, I consulted with my amazing gynecologist mostly. She recommended Palmers Cocoa butter for my To-be stretch marked belly. I of course listened to her. I bought the Palmer’s Cocoa butter Stretch marks cream which was available in mostly all the supermarkets and I just loved using it during entire pregnancy. This is specifically made for pregnancy marks and hence the baby is not affected by this by any means.

I swear by the smoothness and the magic of the cream. It is just fabulous. I completely trusted the doctor and no surprise her recommended product was an absolute wow too.

The fragrance is so mild and nice that even during those days while I hated each smell around me, and even the slightest of the smells were enough to trigger my hormones to make me morning sick, this soothe my senses and my body stayed soft and hydrated.

This cream is a wonderful gift for oneself during pregnancy and it can be given as a gift to the expecting mothers.

Palmer’s as a brand itself nurtures the beauty of women and without any compromise on the quality, it gives a healthy and pocket friendly access to the products.

These days, I am using the lip balm which has SPF 15 and it saves my lips getting tan or dry during the sun exposure. The taste is great too. ( chocolate and cherry). While I use it as a base for my lipstick , I wear it alone as gloss too. Lips stay smooth and hydrated for longer and I do not feel embarrassed anymore. I feel like a diva of course.

What are your favourite Palmer’s products?

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