If you are reading this, it means you have reached a page where all the information related to Dubai Frame is available. So, after we moved to Abu Dhabi, we got super nostalgic about Dubai. We started missing our old place so much while there is actually so much to miss about. Just by entering Dubai, we feel at home. We love the skyline,the colour of the buses,the villas and beaches, the outstanding world class malls and the local shops. Each place has a memory that we created in the last 5 years. So, to satiate our cravings for just see our previous place, we headed to Dubai on a nice Friday afternoon. We had some plans which seemed hard to follow. So, we decided to head to The Dubai Frame.

It is located next to Zabeel park and the ticket cost AED 50 for Adult and AED 20 for kid. When visiting in evening, you can expect long que. A gigantic frame shaped building which is luminous and golden caught our attention. This is it. The Dubai Frame.

This place is well kept, and looks like a big picture frame, living up to its name. Trip advisor suggests this name as a must visit place now.

Sure, we clicked a lot of pictures on this spot Mr. trip advisor.

Next comes the soothing music and dancing fountains near the entrance which is again having full security screening. Big bags and food/ water is not allowed inside, so you have to deposit the same at the security counter.

The reception area is well kept, with fresh flowers and folliages welcoming the visitors. On the left side is a huge sculpture of horses – perfect instagramable spot. If you look above, towards the ceiling, a lot of modern interior work will take your breath away.

That’s my little one posing for picture perfect.

Escalator will take you to the main hall where a big Painting of Hh Sheikh Maktoom with his words of wisdom is displayed with a bit of a style. The cool air that looks like a cloud curtain will surprise you. This Area is leading to the lifts to the top floor. But, very strategically, the visitors don’t just have to wait for the turns to go up. This entire area is called ‘The Past” and as the name well suggests, it showcases the history of UAE. It reminded me of the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village museum that we saw last week. So, the historical antiques are placed every now and then so that we can see how this place has progressed in the last century. A big screen with old rare videos of Dubai was also displayed and guess who enjoyed it the most? Yes, my daughter. She loved the beautiful lighting and specifically the old Dubai plan of year 1960. Since, photography is not allowed in this part of the Frame, so I just explained the things one will see here.

There, two lifts taking a batch of 12 people each at a time within seconds and we are at the top side of the dock of Dubai Frame. We are welcomed by a groomed hostess who is directing us to the main dock with instructions such as – no jumping/ no running etc.

On the main dock- from the windows, on the left side is all 2-3 story buildings giving a glimpse of the ‘old Dubai’ and the right side window showcases the famous Dubai Skyline, with Burj Khalifa in the centre.

Day being bit dusty, the picture is little unclear but how could we not cherish the scene? It is almost the 48th floor view of our Dubai.

This area is also known as ‘The Present’

Not scared of heights. Staring down through the looking glass.

A lot of technological advancements featuring Dubai’s present is showcased here. There are information screen where you can touch and know about the famous landmarks of Dubai. You can also play your ‘selfie game’ here, and get featured on the Dubai frame wall along with other people. There is food kiosk as well, just in case. Well, my kid decided she will let go of any instructions made by the hostess before. She gave it a pass and started to run around. We had to distract her eventually. Both sides, one like the old Dubai and another like the much loved High rise Dubai all in one frame.

We spent around 20 minutes on the top floor and then left for the lifts again.

Going down the lift, we again enjoyed the outside view of whole Dubai. The lift opened to ‘The Future’ of Dubai.

Again, no cameras allowed here. A dark area with 4D screen visualizing the future of Dubai- with Robots managing all houses, with healthcare being the best in the world, with 3 d printed buildings, with self parking state of the art cars; the future area felt too real and too close.

Just before exiting, there is a huge Wall displaying all the Dubai Frame Selfies, are there are around 100s of them.

With this our trip to Dubai Museum almost ended. We collected our bags from the security and on route enjoyed the fountains again. By now the ques on the gates got bigger and our bucket list got ticked too.

Next destination, the Beach.

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