I have flown a lot. Especially after moving to Dubai. I got my priceless princess (Little One) here only. This means the travel would not be easy for her traveling with me for many reasons. As kids do behave unexpectedly good or bad depending on their mood, their age and flight schedule. The first few times were quite easy with my infant but as she grew into toddlerhood, the travel became less desirable. From my recent experience on a flight from Dubai to New Delhi, the TAKEOFF part was much-anticipated and sought after by my active three-year-old. By now, she had pictured herself sitting in an airplane, with her seatbelt on. Each day we went to the parks, How emotionally she has seen the airplanes flying in the sky?

She was quite familiar with the term airplanes and we were certain that this time we can expect a lot more from this curious kid. She was going to a proper play school and her intellect gained some insight in a way no one can imagine. She knows how to speak her mind, without hesitation or looking for a word. So, at the airport, She jumped with joy when she saw the real giant aircraft this time. For us, the plus point was that she is toilet trained and well understands the need to say hungry or thirsty when needed. This time, although the travel was oddly at late hours, it was full of fun activities and moments we cherished. We did laugh a lot too.

Keeping in mind SUCH active kids, I recommend these flight tips. Read to know how I managed to keep her and myself calm and happy during the entire journey.

Here are my top 20 tips to survive a flight with a kid (toddler or preschooler Between 2-5 years )

  1. Rest before heading to the airport: A tired kid means catastrophe so make the child rest to avoid any emotional meltdowns and SCENES.
  2. Some light snacks before the travel are good. As kids get travel sick easily so, feeding them with Light on tummy foods are a big YES.
  3. keep them hydrated so that they do not feel dizzy and grumpy.
  4. Insist on using a toilet before leaving the house. After you arrive at the airport and in the aircraft, ask if they need to go.
  5. Pack a few new / borrowed toys to keep them occupied. This one is a lifesaver. I keep a few new happy meal toys and give her during flights so that she can play with them while seated. I have even tried other kid’s borrowed toys just for the journey. That’s like a barter. Kids love exploring new things and more interested in other kids’ stuff.
  6. Avoid screen time during the flight as this can make their eyes irritated. Best is to tell them to sleep if they want. ( If they want to listen to you… that’s what)
  7. Talk to them about what are they expecting from the flight. By doing so, they get excited about a real plane experience and they can even tell you some facts you weren’t aware of. Their own imaginative journey will take the plunge.
  8. Keep some homemade snacks+ juices handy along with their favorite lovey (a toy they are attached to). I prefer bringing her food from home if possible. Home food always better than outside food.
  9. Keep some cotton in your pocket to avoid any ear pain during the takeoff and landing. If you have earplugs that will work too. If the baby is small, then breastfeeding during such times is a proven way to keep the pain off the bay.
  10. Comfortable clothing means clothes in which they won’t feel too cold or too warm. Best is to let them wear loose clothing for extra comfort. Carry a small blanket if they are likely to doze off. Socks are a must for that high altitude travel.
  11. My kid loves to draw and color, so some new wax crayons and a mini scribble book is a life saver.
  12. hand sanitizer. Before food and after toilet visit, my kid loves using it.
  13. change of clothes. Anticipate spills and throw ups and thus Keep an extra pair of clothes in the cabin baggage.
  14. Neck pillow: If you have one then you must take it. I swear by those nonreclining seats.
  15. Medicines: Keeping the kid’s medicines for fever, cold, vomiting in the handbag are highly recommended. If they are on medication already then keep the prescription as well.
  16. Hand towel/ wipes: Must-haves
  17. Slide your contact details in their pockets and make them memorize the parent’s names.
  18. If you have access to the airport lounges, do use them to take out the excess energy from the overwhelmed kid.
  19. Carry light stroller/ buggy if airlines allow.
  20. Hugs and kisses: Keep them feel loved so that they do not feel stressed during the journey. You can continue this one even after the journey ends.

With this happy note, I wanted to say that always do a web check-in to avoid long queues with the kid and Prefer a window seat so that they can enjoy the view without having to trouble other passengers.

Traveling with kids is an opportunity to make them learn new things without any worry. Make the most of it

So, fasten your seat belts and Happy traveling with kids.

If you have any more tips to add, please feel free to comment here.

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