Surprising facts why boys want to play with dolls

There is a perceived notion that boys do not go with pink color, they do not clean the house, they do not cook, and they do not play with dolls. All believe that boys are masculine and not feminine. Boys who would ask for a doll are looked upon as a taboo. They are told that ‘ You are a boy, play with your ball or car’ or ‘Why don’t you play outside with other boys?’ Also, if a boy hits, it is said that ‘He is a boy that is why he is doing that?’ If a boy wants to learn ballet, he is made to look like “out of society”. Parents start discouraging and get worried about his mental health. His sexuality is questioned.

boy want to play with dolls

If someone agrees with the above statements then I have a really bad news for you. You are not raising a boy. You are raising a person who will not understand gender equality, who will think that he is above the female population. He would be facing psychological issues later in his life.

As per a kindergarten teacher who has seen it in the schools where she has worked in “We have always had imagination rooms with all sorts of toys in it, the boys enjoy playing with toys they don’t get from their parents, and immediately run over to the kitchenettes, dolls and puppets to see what the fuss is. The girls go to the construction toys and dress up section to wear police/firemen/ construction outfits. By the middle of the play time, they’re all playing together in different areas. It’s completely normal to them.”


Let us understand:

  • If adults make a fuss, the kids tend to be overly conscious of themselves and second guess their exploratory and investigative skills.
  • This may lead to them being a little reclusive or not wanting to engage in certain activities.
  • It may also alter the way they view things and might judge other kids harshly or make certain statements towards other kids who still enjoy playing with what society has deemed as “girls toys”.
  • If it makes you a little uncomfortable because of the parents, don’t discourage him, but don’t play along. Leave him to explore it on his own.

As per the research, it is evident that such things help boys develop good emotional intelligence and helps them build their understanding of other perspectives, empathy & a broader range of interaction strategies in the non-judgemental environment of the home/school.


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Why not establish this before social norms & peer pressure gets in the way? Let us stop being a sexist and let kids explore things while they are still innocent. Boys playing with girly things and vice versa only help them become a stronger individual. It is not something to point to. Respect the kids and teach them values. Do not become a hurdle in their way of learning. It is all for a healthy and better tomorrow.

So, next time your boy wants to buy a doll, please buy it for him. Do not insist on buying only the manly stuff. Inspire and don’t create obstacles. So, what’s wrong when the male child plays with the doll is YOUR mind and not his.

If you feel inspired by this post, please share your suggestions and feedback in comments. Let us help many mothers get out of this dilemma and give them a reason to not reason with their kids.




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  1. Great post!! Let kids play with what they want to play. I’ve noticed that families that have both boys and girls are a bit more open with kids playing with any toy. While families that have just girls or just boys, tend to keep them playing with mostly toys build for their gender.

  2. I am one that does not believe that toys are gender specific. I grew up with my brothers, they played with my dolls and I played with their toy trucks. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. I can really see the change in today’s society compared to the 1970s. But it really depends on what is shown to the kids like parenting style and what they buy for their kids as well is how the media shows it.

  4. Back in my younger years, my father never cared if my brother and I played with my dolls and teddies. He was never alarmed, in fact he was okay with it. We were kids and we were having a great time, I guess that was what mattered most to him.

  5. I learn to not easy judge boys who loves to plays dolls. In my experience, I have awesome male friends who become famous designers, and back then I played dolls with them. Cool!

  6. My 2 years old son loves his dolls and cars equally. And as a parent I try to give him options to choose from variety. Sticking with boys don’t play with dolls is all about machoism and mental blocks. Let kids be kids. Great post!

  7. I agree kids should be allowed to explore. My daughter was never fond of playing with Dolls. She tried it when she felt there was a peer pressure about it but eventually realized, each his own.

  8. My son loves kitchen sets and doll houses. He doesn’t have any dolls yet but he plays with all his soft toys, changing their clothes, feeding them, putting them to sleep. I think its not surprising at all and shows how caring and nurturing he is

  9. Whether it be a girl or boy, I think kids should play with whatever they wish to play. It bothers me that my girls get labeled as Tomboyish because they don’t prefer to play with dolls. It’s a choice they made basis their preference and doesn’t make them any less girl or any superior to boys or whatsoever. Glad you picked this topic to write about.

  10. So there is this popular brand of candies that sell 2 variants one with girly toys that uis s pink and another with manly toys thst is blue. This kind of gender stereotyping is what that is bothering in mainstream media too. I have let my girl opt for whatever she likes and i have seen she hates dolls and stuffed toys.

  11. Actually, society is still partial towards choice of games. When girls play cricket, we appreciate but when boys play with doll house we raise our eyebrows!

  12. Still in our society, we see such things, a boy can play with doll and a girl can also play with car. Its normal, where it is written that cars are boys toy and dolls are for girls only!! When I tell this to my neighbors, friends and all they dont even understand. We should talk more about gender equality.