Whenever we are invited to a baby shower, the first thing that crosses the mind is a baby shower gift. We care for the mother-to-be and we want to give her the best present. We try to think hard to get abreast with the latest trends in baby shower gifts and randomly search various platforms but sometimes, after buying a present, we find it has zero or very less utility. Sometimes, we feel we could have planned better. Sometimes, we think of buying something with available budget but then the entire plan goes for a toss.

Below are a few great baby shower gift ideas that could never go wrong. The utility is ten on ten for either the baby or the new mother.

Baby monitor or famous as an Owlet

If you have a good budget, then why not gift what everyone is raving about – The Owlet, We agree that it is a tad bit expensive. You can get it off amazon/ souq.com. When a friend bought the Owlet for her daughter’s baby, she found a great little gadget. She tells us it was her favorite gift of all the gifts she received because it gave her piece of mind.

Owlet baby monitor shower gift ideas

Owlet baby monitor makes an amazing shower gift


baby blanket babyshower gift

the baby will look super cute in this!

Indeed one of the must-haves in a baby’s first wardrobe. They come in various colors and designs and the little ones can be wrapped in these super soft and cozy blankets for a super comfortable sleep. Keeps the cold away too. buy a little bigger size so that the baby can use it for a little longer. Check out these cute blanket options on amazon etc.

Check out a small business owner (U.A.E. based) Maryam’s beautiful e-shop LittleHeartsCB full of these cute blanket range with top quality and full of love for the little ones. Check with her on Wtsapp at +971544248939

check them out here:


Oh man! A stroller will be taking off all the weight from the mother. Practical and useful. Bit pricey, but again, if the budget is good, then this one has a great utility. Baby stroller

Baby Carrier

Although some kids do not well get adjusted to the carrier, but still with babywearing has it’s own advantages, this can also be considered.


baby carrier sling

Keep baby close to your heart

Swaddle- by mom’s side baby cradle:

Great for co-sleeping. Both mom and baby can sleep by each other’s side, feeling secure and safe. Since Co-sleeping has it’s own benefits, therefore if the mother decides to sleep near the baby, then this can save the mother from waking up a million times.

best babyshower gifts

Bedside baby cradle


Breast Pump: Every mother’s dream is that the baby is well fed. If she is a SAHM, then she can pump the breast milk for emergency and travel time. If she is a working mother, then her feeding issue is taken care of by this saver. Opt for an electric one, if your budget allows as that is more convenient to use. Good hospital brands like Medela, MeeMee etc. are very good and goes for a lifetime.


Electric Breast Pump Babyshower gift


Lactation Cookies and Teas : 

We have seen many women quit Breastfeeding just because there is less supply. But, these Lactation cookies won’t just boost the supply but will also give the new mother some confidence to go for the best option – breastfeeding. These can be bought online or can be store bought too.

Lactation cookies babyshower gift ideaWooden Etched Alphabet Blocks:

Another fabulous idea is about something a child can grow into. many people love this idea of gifting a beautiful wooden Etched alphabet block. The sort of thing that might become an heirloom. Very interesting and educational.

Wooden etched blocks

Wooden etched alphabet blocks for the early learner


Personalize your gift:

Pottery Barn does some personalized stuff like towels, blankets, duvet covers. These things moms love and are very useful like a baby bathtub with things like a nail cutter, thermometer and stuff like you normally don’t think of when you have a newborn. Everyone normally gets clothes and baby care items.

Bottle Sterilizer: 

To sterilize bottles. Easy peasy way. This can sterilize up to 6 bottles at once. You have options for Electric as well as microwaveable one.

Baby Food Processor- Magic Bullet

We just love the idea of using just one thing- a magic bullet- to cook and puree baby food easily without being a messy mom.

magic bullet baby shower gift ideas

Magic Bullet – You can never go wrong with this one

Ear Thermometer:

Maybe you can check with her what a to-be-mother would like as many gifts gets repeated and then turns useless. One of a neglected but useful gift can be an ear Thermometer. As infant’s fever should never go undetected, this is a great gift too.

Going for some sweet side gifts like bibs, crib storage, headbands, nail clips, diaper bags, baby shoes, light blankets, Diapers, would make your gift look very thoughtful one.  Order one through wtsapp anytime in UAE on +971-544248939 Maryam. www.instagram.com/littleheartscb/

Nordic Birth Basket as I have already posted before.

Nursing Creams and Stretch Marks Creams :

No mamma would tell you, but these are also great for postnatal care. Full of excellent ingredients and suitable for pregnancy and postnatal care.


Finally. Pour in your love and care through this beautiful Baby shower ceremony and add something special to the new family, Each time they will use the gift, they will be reminded of you.


If you can think of any more cool ideas that can be added to the list and are great baby shower gifts, please comment here and follow me for more awesome ideas and posts.

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