Welcome to the new era of kids play. A new space that has recently launched in the heart and commercial hub of Abu Dhabi’s famous WTC The Mall, has a completely creative concept that allows kids to explore more, but in a very creative way. Introducing POP IN AND PLAY.

You can imagine what could happen to the kids, whose neurons are already hungry for more, and then they are given an opportunity to play with around thousands of LEGOS to create something THEY like. This is much more than just a play space really!

Sounds like a perfect destination? It is. So, while the shopaholic mum can buy some time for herself ( read Sale and ME time) as her kids are pampered and supervised by the awesome team at Pop in and Play. Who would want to miss this opportunity?

Bye bye, online shopping. Hello, World.

The lights are perfectly soothing and even the craziest and naughtiest children can settle in quite easily. Like my kid. There are numerous play stations and is quite spacious for a lot of children to enjoy some Creative Playtime without a rush which is seen in many other play areas.

There is a lovely cafe at the entrance if the parents still want to linger and catch up over a cuppa coffee and some snacks. I bet you would fall in love with the idea of even working on your laptop and kids can chill simultaneously.

The prices are reasonable for AED 39 per hour for the play area. A little birdie told me that by using their app, you can get many FREE play area entry vouchers too. So, check out the app first.

Some details on the app :

Pop in and Play Rewards app.

No credit card required, also no punch cards to lose or accidentally put through the laundry.

– Sign in with your email
– See your reward program details
– Discover Pop In & Play branches nearby on the map
– Get notified instantly when you’ve earned points and rewards.

Therefore, I have it downloaded on my device now.

This table- #mumgoals #lifesorted

I was too tempted to join my kid during her activities, I am glad this has added to my lovely memories with my child. Check out the picture below.

For the smaller kids, there is a separate play area considering their age in mind ( much softer and secure for their age)

No shoes allowed, so wear socks or just get a pair from the counter.

Also, There are three spacious party rooms with proper arrangements for any celebrations like birthdays, etc.

Some pretend shops are there too, so sell those make belief stuff kids. Smart choice eh?

Play stations with comfortable couches are a must try too. Who can make the most points? Let’s see!

Play dates, mom dates, coffee meets there are many possibilities.

Pictures speak louder than words. These pictures are a proof that fun time is guaranteed at #popinandplay.

I honestly consider it the next best thing around my place, I would definitely be taking my child for some constructive play as often as possible. This place is like an amazia Legoland. My daughter would do some thinking while playing and not just play.

So, Rather than carrying them in those strollers and shopping trolleys, ask them to spill those legos!

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