Being a first-time mom is so special that the feeling is much beyond as can be expressed in words…

But today I am going to open my heart to you all as I was so not keen to see my baby’s first milestones. Wondering why? For me, my baby has always been a part of my heart. Being pregnant for the first time, I used to talk to my baby by calling her a special nickname. Each time I talked softly, she responded with a movement. I was sure that this bonding will continue to be stronger even after her birth, and as I never wanted to see her grow bigger and lose any of her infant years, I dreaded every new action of hers. But honestly, who could stop time? Each time she did something new, my heart skipped a beat. I wished I could capture the moment forever.

Becoming a mom for the first time meant everything was first for me and my baby. From the first time I saw her after my C-Section, her smiling face looking and recognizing her mother is still cherished by me, For the first time she moved her tiny head, her first hand, and leg movement when she was a few weeks old, her first crawl, her first steps without any support are few things only a #firsttimemom could know.

I was certain that munchkin is growing much faster against my will and while she was busy growing up, I was busy looking for only the best for her. I found the most natural water wipes were available in the market and When I used it on my baby for the first time, I felt there was no sharp smell and the cotton material felt exactly like her soft skin. This water-based baby wipes “Mother Sparsh” became my top choice. Initially baby just needed breastmilk and her mother. The other most important thing was the baby water wipes ( as I am totally against chemical products used for my baby). These are alcohol-free and all natural baby wipes. So, in her foundation years, getting her accustomed to the environment was more important and I didn’t want her to face any issue like nappy rash and worse nappy rash treatment. So using India’s first 100% water based wet wipes made me carefree of any such issues. These baby wet wipes are amazing and so I even recommended them to my friends with a newborn to treat diaper rash.

These alcohol free and water based wet wipes can be used in several ways-

for diaper area, for cleaning face, for wiping hands after they touch THINGS. Keep exploring as you go along.

The #Firsttimemom and The #Firstwaterwipes are not a coincidence. Moms who are vigil and want only the best for their babies would definitely go for it. I usually buy the Mother Sparsh Wet wipes from here and from Mother Sparsh Website


Celebrate motherhood with the #Firstwaterwipes

Celebrate motherhood with the #Firstwaterwipes

Check out how a first time MOM’s experience is made special with the campaign #FirstTimeMom by Mother Sparsh India’s #FirstWaterWipes

Celebrate motherhood with the #Firstwaterwipes

Her first words were so special

This post is sponsored by Mother Sparsh India’s #FirstWaterWipes Brand

Celebrate motherhood with the #Firstwaterwipes

Her First steps were so memorable

Caring for my child is the utmost important thing and a priority, and I am certain it is yours too.


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