This is how I got my child to sleep without diapers at night

Every parent deals with their kid’s potty training and considers it a great milestone once achieved. Getting the child free from the diapers is like giving them another arena of freedom.

When a kid is freed from constant diaper wearing, the risk of infection is reduced, rashes are avoided and a lot of money is saved too.

Each mother, father, guardian eagerly wait for the day when finally their kid will be able to use the toilet without much help or at least would be diaper free.

I too had great plans for how to potty train a girl child and I had clear milestones in mind regarding the toilet training time. In short, I got my child diaper free during both daytime as well as night time. Night Time potty training was achieved by following potty training tips.

Please bear in mind this needs both love and patience.


There will be some potty accidents but keep in mind this is the training period so being calm is the key.

It did not happen overnight. The points I followed were rigorous, time-consuming and involved child-care. But, it took me several months honestly to get her used to stay without diapers. But once it was done, It was the end of the Diaper era.

Firstly, I checked if she has bladder control.

This is normally achieved by the age of 18 months which is called the right potty training age, Before this age, kids are just not sure of the toilet needs and training them before this period usually is impractical and overhyped.

Being too rigid for this topic can lead to sleep problems in children. If toddler is not sleeping properly, then there could be a reason that he/she wants to go to the toilet but unable to. Hence, toddler not sleeping through the night should “Not be linked to being naughty”.

Best is to stick to a proper schedule of making them use the Potty before sleep time, and in case they wake up in the middle of the night, then they should be made to use the toilet always. Some water should be offered to the kids after this only. Some kids, if do not have bladder control, can pee as soon as they open their eyes.


Note below points :

  • Use a mattress protector under the bedsheet, so that the entire mattress stays dry, Use a thin plastic sheet so that it can be removed and dried if required.bed mattress protector potty training
  • Encourage the child to use the toilet, each time. Supervision is necessary to avoid any slips.
  • Buy a kid-friendly potty /WC in a bright color so that the child can get comfortable and knows where to go.
    Right Potty Seat makes a difference

    Right Potty Seat makes a difference

  • Avoid diapers as much as possible as it confuses them whether to use the toilet or just go in the diaper.
  • Till the time you are not sure, use diapers only while sleeping.
  • Do not impose suddenly that kid has to use the WC, take time. As I have mentioned earlier.
  • You can do a chart reward with stars on it, Each time kid uses a proper WC/ bathroom, you can make him feel motivated by giving a star or sticker.
  • Control your anger if the child does not follow your plan. Instead, talk with patience and tell him that this is what everyone uses.
  • Showing kid some video on YouTube – on how to use a potty will give him a tutorial. Guiding him would mean he can follow steps.
  • Hygiene is important, teaching hygiene practice should be a part of the training.
  • Washing hands with soap properly then wiping with a clean towel is equally important.
  • Initially, during ask if child needs to use the toilet, kids usually do not prioritise their nature calls.
  • Particularly after a meal or after a drink, offer to use the toilet. 
  • Follow the cues, if the child wants to use the washroom, he will stop eating, drinking or walking. There will be a small pause. Be quick and take him/her to the potty. This way kid would understand what has to be done.

I am sure that after a few guided sessions,  your child will easily use the potty and will be a proud trained toddler.

Congratulations! Your kid has achieved another milestone.

Nighttime toilet training toddler
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  1. You have shared some helpful tips. You know, my daughter gave up wearing diapers all of a sudden. That’s a relief.

  2. This post made me nostalgic, I started working of no diapers in night when she was 8 months old and started taking solids. The early you begin the better it is.

  3. We are currently half and half…..Getting my toddler out of nappy altogether is difficult as he is tonight day care….but at home we have started going to the bathroom. Will try some of the tips you stated.

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  6. Yes, This is the tough time for all the mothers to make them understand. This is true I started at the right time and totally devoted my time for this and observed them properly when they want to go and luckily they learnt very quickly.

  7. I too used the same tips and it indeed helped. She is off diapers completely and it is such a relief for me and her both.

  8. The movement of diapers to no diapers is tough and especially vary for moms, as they have to be awake almost whole night. But I am sure your tips will help many new mothers.

  9. Luckily both my kids were potty-trianed before they turned 1 and reliability on diapers was almost over. Keeping patience during that phase is the key.

  10. We are currently potty training our toddler. Thank you for the tips..still making him wear a nappy at bedtime

  11. These article sure does contain some awesome tips and advice for moms who want their babies to sleep without diapers, thanks for sharing.

  12. This is a much needed awareness.Children if guided and encouraged like this will easily be potty trained.

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