Why You Must introduce PediaSure At Least Once In your child’s daily diet.

I knew something was wrong. My motherly instincts were telling me that the diet I was offering to my child was not enough. Even though my child said that she was full, I knew that her body needed much more than only homemade food cooked by me. Was there a need to address this selective eating disorder treatment? I understood that at her age, her energy levels were high and so her energy requirements would also be high.

I tried to incorporate every possible healthy food option for her meals. I put veggies in her khichdi; I used pure ghee to make her food. I opted for full fat cow’s milk. I offered her milk by-products and focussed a lot on her growth by offering her healthy food for picky eaters. You would call me “mad” if I told you that I used to tell strangers that my daughter hasn’t eaten anything in days. That’s how frustrated I became.

At her second year’s pediatric appointment, the doctor checked her height-weight growth chart and asked me if she is a picky eater. To which I nodded. Her weight increase in one whole year was just 1 kg and her height was on track. She seemed comparatively thinner than other kids of the same age. This was enough to give me sleepless nights. She was falling behind on her growth milestones. Was this a selective eating disorder?

The doctor suggested giving only home cooked meals full of nutrients but also suggested PediaSure, to be given twice daily, either mixed with water or milk.

She generally refused milk most of the time after a sip or two but as I added a spoonful of PediaSure, she loved it. I kept her food intake as it is just added PediaSure to her dietary routine. Within a few months, I could see she was gaining some weight as well as height.

I know sometimes, as mothers we blame ourselves for our kids’ picky eating habits., but that is all part of childhood. We must ensure that if there is any trusted supplement available in the market, we must utilize it at the right time. Being ignorant will only cost us good health. So, adding these micro and macronutrients through PediaSure is a great way to ensure the child’s added nutrient intake is right on track.

And if this wasn’t enough, I was in for a surprise when I went to buy PediaSure this time around. I noticed that the packaging had changed and the box said it was the Fun and Learn edition. 

The Latest Box Of Pediasure Has Finally Been Revealed!

Excited, I bought the 400 g carton box. Upon opening, I was happy to see that there were some fun craft activities inside the box. Brilliant way to teach new things and build creativity in my child and also I got to spend more time with her! check out how we created a lovely craft together.



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My kid doesn’t like the taste of milk, and as soon as the pediatric advised that Pediasure is good for such kids, I quicky bought it. And the #magic happened. My daughter who was underweight got back on track and started to enjoy milk as well. If you like, you can just add it with water and give the child. Lately, I bought the new Fun n learn pack of pediasure #unboxgrowth and we came up with a very interesting craft. Together we made a pretty clock. Pediasure helps create child’s creativity. Have you tried any supplement for the kids yet? . . #nutrition #fitness #nutritiontips #diet #nutritionist #nutritional #nutritionplan #health #healthylifestyle #healthy #healthyfood #motivation #fit #nutritionable #nutritionfacts #instavideo #instacute #iafdwtd #cutekids #creative #momblogger

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I trust the brand and till date, and thus I am a sure and satisfied mother just like all other mothers who use this in more than 80 countries worldwide.

After reading this, would you be adding Pediasure to your child’s diet?

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  1. I’ve heard good things about Pediasure. I haven’t tried it with my kids yet, but I’m told it’s beneficial and tastes great!

  2. I don’t have kids yet, but I’ll keep this text in mind for the future. I’ll share it with my mommy friends for sure! 🙂

  3. My son is not a good eater. He spent two years of his life drinking 2-3 pediasures per day just to get the calories he needed to gain weight. At almost 9 he barely weights 50 lbs now though we no longer give him pediasure. It’s very expensive

  4. Earlier I never heard about this pediasure. This is quiet interesting. Hope all mommies out their will love this product. I am sharing with my sister hope she will like it.

  5. Yes! Pediasure is a great brand and trusting product that all I know. I love to share this blog with others.

  6. When it comes to child heath, it’s important to be vigilant of their eating habits. If a child is a fussy eater, then after consulting the doc, health supplement like PediaSure can be given, it definitely the best choice.

  7. Often the health benefits of kids is neglected. It is the growth period that shapes a human character in future. Your post made me realise about the importance of PediaSure At Least Once In your child’s daily diet nutrition 🙂

  8. I don’t have children to use this with. However, I’ve use it many times when I had the flu and it worked wonders.

  9. We are big fans of Pediasure. It has really made a lot of difference to my child’s immunity. And this new pack is absolute fun.

  10. Pediasure is one brand I am trusting from the time my daughter starts taking it…more than 20 years this is most essential part of my kids growth

  11. I have given PediaSure to my daughter when she was just 6 months when advised by my paediatrician. It actually made her gain some weight and height too.

  12. Pediasure is the most loved one by kids, even my kid loves it lot. activities are such an awesome thing there. I love when my kid gets engaged into this type of great activities.

  13. Pedia sure have been an cult favourite, I am waiting to introduce it to my daughter too.

  14. Pediasure has a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals added along with natural neutral taste. This is why pediasure once a day will assist kids in their growth and development

  15. we are regular users of pediasure in our house. My son absolutely loves the taste and i can see a difference in height and growth since i have started using it.

  16. totally agree with you. Pediasure has been my monthly staple for so many years .It gives a perfect balanced diet for growing kids

  17. My children never had Pediasure but I know tons of pediatrician that sriously recommend this product.

  18. This is really a great post with great info. Pediasure is really a good choice and thanks for sharing.

  19. Well I’m don’t have much idea about pediasure but thank you so much for sharing this information. I’ll share this with my aunt because she uses it for her kids.

  20. My daughter is a super active child and she school-play schedule hardly leaves any time in between. I was quite worried and hence started PediaSure, Her immunity enhanced and also the stamina. We also loved doing this activity.

  21. I too started using Pediasure after my doc’s recommendation. My kids are picky eaters too. But now with PediaSure I am quite relieved about their immunity

  22. Pediasure is definitely a good source of nutrition for our kids.Now heir New DIY package is more creative.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  23. I can completely relate with you,i was in the same boat 2 years back and then I started pediasure for my daughter… It’s really a yummy, healthy drink for growing kids.