I had spent 7 days in the hospital for delivery and postpartum care and trust me, these things are a lifesaver if already in the bag. So, packing as per the hospital bag list is so so important. The experienced Emergency Cesarean section mom is here again with a list of things that I actually used and not just packed.


At 37th week of pregnancy, I underwent an ultrasound. I was told that the liquor ( amniotic fluid) was Zero. I didn’t exactly know what it meant. The gold medalist ultrasound specialist stayed back to reconfirm the same. Finally, they broke the news to me. I was still clueless. “Do not sit on this news my child,” the doctor said, “See your gynecologist asap”. I went as a walk-in to my regular gyno and showed her the reports. She announced that my emergency c-section would take place the next morning.

That was, almost a month before my expected date of delivery. I was running around to pack things the doctor suggested for the Hospital Bag. I wish I had known it all beforehand. To add, it was a Monday when all the markets are closed in New Delhi. The last-minute hustle clearly made me look through my Hospital checklist.

Here is the list of things, an expecting mother should keep in the hospital bag to sail smooth.

1. Mother Sparsh Unscented wipes – Why wipes? You must be thinking. This is the first and foremost thing I kept in my hospital bag since I knew I won’t be exposing my little darling to any tap water at least in the hospital. To clean her delicate body, I had chosen Mother Sparsh Unscented wipes over other brands.

The Reason was clear- These are 99% Premium water wipes are 3 times thicker than any other brands available in the market, the cottony cloth/fabric (made from plant pulp) makes this baby wipes gentle to the most sensitive parts of the baby. Be 100% sure for your baby. #MedicalGradeFabric. Not just this, Sensitive skin/extra gentle baby wipes which have moisture lock grid and won’t irritate or dry the skin making it suitable for hand and mouth cleaning as well. Also, 99% water wipes have no skin irritant or alcohol or any troubling ingredient. Mother Sparsh water wipes do your bit for the environment as these are biodegradable.  You can buy them from Amazon and Mother Sparsh Website.

2. Disposable infant diapers: I myself had made a huge mistake of using the Cloth nappies as they usually make the baby wet every few minutes, and the baby needed changing completely hence making her prone to cold. But, as soon as I switched to the newborn sized disposable diapers, the nappy change reduced to once per hour or so. I always used Mother Sparsh Unscented wipes to clean and sanitize her.

3. Nappy cream: Certainly useful, But in my case, It was never used since I used a good brand of Diapers and wipes.

4. Cap and mittens: Small hairless scalp has to be saved from the outside air initially, hence best is to keep it covered using a cap and keeping those tiny fingers warm with pre-washed hand mittens.

5. Baby sleep suits: Usually can be opened from the diaper are for the ease of change and much better to keep the baby cozy and snuggle in a sleepsuit.

6. Breast pump: If you are planning to breastfeed the baby, this one will be quite convenient for expressing the breastmilk and feed the little one. In absence of latch, initially baby struggles a lot and it is better than giving baby formula feed. Extra feeding bottles should be kept too.

7. Swaddle/blanket: It can be used to cover the baby at all times including sleep time and nursing as well as when you are ready to get discharged and take the baby home.

8. Going home outfit: Keep the kid looking great with one extra Going home outfit ( maybe matching with your clothes)

9. Nursing Cream: For the initial sore nipples, they can save you from a lot of pain.

10. Comb and Hair tie: These are of utmost importance.

11. Makeup: If you do not want to look dull when going home, keep some makeup with you. 

12. Socks: A few pairs of socks to keep the new mother warm.

13. Toothbrush and paste:  Although I was told that I should not be putting pressure on my teeth and should use the paste lightly during the first few days of motherhood, these things are a must in the hospital bag.

14. Sanitary napkins: Keep as many as you can.

15. Towels: For your personal hygiene.

16. Slippers

17. Maxi dress, Nursing bra and Cardigan: Practical and convenient.  Without any unnecessary show off to the world.

18. Baby skin cream

19. A flask with warm water

20. Sanitizer

Extra but Important

1. Insurance card and Pregnancy file

2. Phone and the charger

3. Camera

So, When you decide on what to pack in your hospital bag, look at this list and customize as per your hospital facilities.

These things will be actually used and would prevent any unnecessary packing. 

So share this list with anyone who is ready to deliver.

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99% pure water wipes Mother Sparsh
Mother Sparsh 99% pure water wipes for my hospital Bag
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