Swimming season is back again. A lot of people feel they do not have a toned body. In order to achieve the Beachbody, a weight loss plan is required, here is how to lose around 10kg in 2 months.

In other words, How to lose weight fast, with the specific meal plan that will work wonder towards your goal.

Here are some practical and logical hacks to get a Beachboy, You will need to:

1.Join a gym (you need to lift to try and gain lean body mass or at least hold on to what you have), and you can also opt for the best Beachbody workouts.

2. The above will also help you burn calories which is what you need. Generally, though few workouts burn more than 500 calories. So the advise is to dramatically increase the general daily activity and reduce calories intake.

3. Walking is your friend. (As it is sustainable)

4. To reduce your calories successfully you’d be wise to increase protein to 1.5g per kg minimum (for satiation and retention of LBM) but it can go higher. Also protein aids with immunity etc.

5. Every meal should include an abundance of vegetables due to satiation low calorie, micronutrients to aid gut health and recovery.

6. Due to the huge amount of weight you need to lose in such a short amount of time you are going to have to reduce the rest of your foods intake from carbohydrates and fats. (Low carb diet)

But you still need adequate amounts for energy/health (which is the tricky part)

7. It might be smart to undulate your calories. having a little more on your training days than on your nontraining days but ensuring you still have a weekly deficit.


Mainly this goal is most likely a little unreasonable. It would be best served to plan to lose 5-7kgs in 9 weeks ( 2 months).

beachbody weightloss
You would be happy anyway. Use these 9 weeks to also plan for the post-diet period. A good maintenance plan will ensure you keep most of the weight off whilst at the beach and you can continue on to an even better beach body when you return.beachbody weightloss

Some of these statements may be slightly vary depending on the previous training history or current weight. Read about how to combat frizzy hair

Either way, hire a nutritionist and a trainer who doesn’t mention supplements or fad diets. Many places seem to be filled with 90’s style fitness info.

Stay updated, get in shape the right way!





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