Best Ways To Soothe The Baby Who Got Colic

After every feed, my infant would sleep easily. Happy tummy happy baby. But, as my little one suffered from colic a few times, she literally gave me some sleepless nights. Hearing her cry whole time for no particular reason. I tried swinging her, singing, talking to her, swaddled her, had her in my lap the whole time, fed her again but nothing worked. If only parenting was as easy as it is spelled!

This was a baby colic issue and exactly needed to be addressed right away.

Tummy Roll on

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-on

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-on

My mother in law insisted to burp her on my shoulder and I did just that. But the time she was uncontrolled and cried her eyes out so I opened my web browser and searched the entire internet about what could it be that was making my little one so cranky.

The first page of the result was full of the word – Colic and as a new mom, it was a new word for me. I went in depth and found out following:


The colic can be due to gas in tummy or indigestion and the small baby can not even explain it! Even breastfed babies can have this as much as formula fed ones.

Cues –

  • Baby is crying inconsolably
  • Baby’s face is red
  • Baby’s fists are tightly closed due to pain

Understanding these cues, the baby is most likely colicky.

The very next day, I called my cousin who had a great experience dealing with such situations. She suggested massaging hing ( asafoetida) mixed in lukewarm water on the baby’s tummy as it will release the gas. And Hing being so natural and proven to be used even in digestive churans for grown-ups. I gave it a try. This was only an outside application in the moderation and I was not worried about the side effects.

Some tummy time after the application worked like a charm. The little one stopped crying and felt relieved.

I recently got to know that my favorite’ water wipes brand Mother Sparsh has introduced the same concept in a roll on form for colicky babies. Being 100% ayurvedic, this Tummy Roll On is made from the combination of different natural oils such as hing oil and saunf oil to treat colic and indigestion in babies The combination of 5 Oils provides relief from stomach discomforts caused due to gas, acidity, and indigestion in infants and children.

Hing Oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help to reduce acid reflux and constipation. It is a quick soother for colic and as it is widely mentioned in Ayurveda. I can vouch for it.

The presence of fennel oil (Saunf Oil) in this roll on has anti-colic properties which help to reduce stomach bloating, gas and also helps the baby to burp. Imagine going to a restaurant and getting Saunf as a digestif in the end. This is the baby version.

Mother sparsh Tummy roll on

Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll on

Mother Sparsh Roll-on is 100% Ayurvedic and free from any chemicals, preservatives and manufactured in a pure and traditional way to provide the benefits to a maximum extent. This is easy to use and can be used anytime. Even when it’s night time when everyone’s asleep; or during the family function when you can not locate the gas to heat the water and add hing to it. This is really compact and easy to use. To buy it off Amazon link is here.

Helpful Points-

  • Burping the child after every feed should be done without fail.
  • Keep the baby upright after a feed.
  • The babies are colicky before 7-8 months of age.


Without a doubt, it is a great feeling to utilize the real goodness of Ayurveda for the babies. Being an Indian, Ayurveda is our way of life and it is profoundly established in our all-encompassing method for living.

Mother Sparsh is an Indian brand and has created purest and harmless items with their own scientific methods of Ayurveda.


Hing Oil, Pudina Oil, Sonth Oil, Saunf Oil, and Sova Oil

Directions for Use

Apply directly on the stomach around the naval area.


Let’s discuss Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-on’s key features again-

Relieves Stomach Discomfort: – Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On is an Ayurvedic remedy for infants experiencing colic, acid reflux, and tummy aches.

Relieves Gas Pain: – Ayurvedic boon Hing (Asafoetida) gently treats abdominal colic, gas, flatulence & indigestion. It is also known to help in abdominal pain, constipation & upset stomach.

100% Herbal: – Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll-On is made from ALL Natural and organic ingredients therefore it is totally safe to use on babies’ sensitive skin.

Skin Friendly: – Mother SparshTummy Roll-On is gentle and safe to use on the delicate skin of babies.

Chemical Free:– As this is completely chemical free, Mother Sparsh Tummy roll on is not harsh at all because it does not contain any harmful ingredients in it.

Skin Friendly Ingredients:– The roll-on does not consist of any chemicals or alcohol.

I believe that we should not do any sort of experiment with the babies and always think of the most natural and chemical free version for any issue. Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll is that innovation I would just jump on hearing about. This is super handy, convenient, skin friendly and so pure.


Have you given it a try?

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  • nooranandchawla

    2019-03-21 at 5:31 pm

    We brought expensive hing roll-ons from Thailand when my baby was little. I’m so glad that Mother Sparsh has introduced the product in India too!

  • Ruchie

    2019-03-22 at 1:17 am

    This is so.much pain for mom's when baby gets colic and not understand what to do happy that now we have solution from mother […] Read MoreThis is so.much pain for mom's when baby gets colic and not understand what to do happy that now we have solution from mother sparsh ... Read Less

  • Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    2019-03-23 at 12:50 pm

    Mother sparsh always delivers. This is a fantastic roll on with natural oils like hing and saunf oil that helps colic.

  • Tina Basu

    2019-03-24 at 2:51 am

    This is such a natural way of relieving a baby of colic pain. SO happy there is an easy solution from Mothers Sparsh.

  • Varsh

    2019-03-24 at 5:37 am

    Colic pain can be distressing for babies as well as moms. Mother Sparsh has made it easier for us by introducing this tummy roll-on.

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