Guide to Cable Car for Narikala Fortress in Tbilisi Georgia

Cable Car for Narikala Fortress is a famous tourist attraction in Tbilisi Georgia. People take the cable car to reach the top of the Narikala fortress hill. It starts from the station at Rike park over the river Mtkvari and takes you till the Narikala Fortress station for just 1 Lari. The queue for the same is very long and In my case, we ended up waiting for about an hour for our turn. The Cable car accommodates only 5 people at one go thus the delay.

Cable Car Georgia Narikala Fort in action

Cable Car in action



View from the top of Narikala Fortress

View from the top of Narikala Fortress

The park where the boarding station is situated is called Rike park and it is very beautiful and has a small restaurant inside it. The park overlooks the green lush mountains and is filled with a fresh breeze. While we waited for our turn for the cable car, my kid did some running about at the park as usual.

Rike Park Tbilisi

Rike Park with landscapes and overlooking the mountains


Cable Car Tbilisi at work

Cable Car Tbilisi at work



Kartlis Deda on the Fort

Kartlis Deda Mother of a Georgian


Cable Car Tbilisi at the top station

Cable Car at its destination

We chose to keep this in our last day itinerary before going back home. This is next to the famous hot water baths. Considering the shortage of time, we opted for the cable car to go up the Kartlis Deda (Mother of a Georgian).

The huge statue of Kartlis Deda

The huge statue of Kartlis Deda


The speed of the cable car is quite fast and within minutes, it arrives at the destination. The journey gives a great birds-eye view of the Tbilisi city through the glass windows and the mesmerizing city looks so lush and instagrammble that you wouldn’t want to miss it. Once you reach the final point, you can enjoy the entire Fortress and can do a self walking tour. The Fortress wall has a great back view as well that is a lush valley.

Cable Car over the river

Cable Car over the River



Local music, local fruits, packaged water is all being sold here. There are multiple binoculars placed for the tourists to glace at the city underneath. Many locals also bring their birds here to earn money through them. “Get a picture clicked with my parrot and pay 5 Lari.”

Birds and tourists

Birds and tourists


Music and tourists

Locals playing music beautifully


Locals selling flowers at the destination

Fancy some chamomile flower tiaras?



View from Narikala Fort

The view from the fort

The immaculate view from the Narikala Fortress is something that can’t be missed.


Have you made your plans to visit Georgia yet?


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