AT my regular baby’s pediatric appointment, I was discussing which brand of baby powder should I use for my precious one? The doctor suggested that do not use it as there is no need. But somehow I felt left out. There was also a piece of news flashing in the newspapers about baby powders which alarmed everyone. Many leading and trusted brands contained cancer-causing components in the baby powder so I steer clear of it and completely avoided using any powder or talc on my baby.

I figured why the doctor was against using the baby powder. It contains talc which is not safe for babies and they harm more than help baby stay dry. The talc, if inhaled can even go inside the lungs of the baby thus causing serious damage internally and over the period there can be serious consequences for not taking precautions. Breathing issues, lung defects, skin allergies and what not?

Either way, they inhale it or if it touches the baby’s skin, it will cause harm only. Thus my priority became finding oy 100% natural and safe product for my daughter.

I was hoping for something hypoallergenic and a proven safe substitute. Baby’s skin sometimes needs a little drying but still, I stayed away from those harmful talcs for my little one.But, as I recently got to try the Mother Sparsh Baby Dusting Powder, which is completely safe as it is made with all-natural ingredients and zero toxic talcs that is the best feature of the powder, I couldn’t keep calm.
SUPER SAFE!Another feature that took me by a pleasant surprise is that this is specially formulated keeping in mind the sensitive skin of the baby and it works like a charm during diaper rashes and still keeping the skin dry.The composition of Arrowroot and corn starch is the proven method used by our grandparents already to absorb excess moisture naturally and the dusting powder has all these features so my life hot sorted.The dusting powder is composed after understanding the need to absorb the excess moisture and sweat, therefore preventing any fungal or yeast infection in babies.With all the above features, it is also hypoallergenic and super mild on baby’s skin. Leaving the skin nothing but soft and dry.There is no harmful parabens, phthalates, dyes or sulfates in the product and it is the most trusted dusting powder of modern times.There is a mild fragrance of lavender that makes it super likable. It is also created by adding all-natural lavender essential oil so that babies can smell fresh as well as feel dry and soft.The powder is not just talc-free, it is so gentle that it is suitable for all skin types – from normal to sensitive skin. Even if you do not know if your baby has sensitive skin, this will be the best way to avoid anything harsh. I personally do not want to experiment with my baby’s skin so as this is hypoallergenic, paraben, phthalates free and made with all the good factors that mother earth has offered, I will definitely recommend it.

I wish all mothers once read the components and not just buy what is available in the supermarket. The kids are our future and giving them a healthy and safe start is our responsibility.

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