There was a time when I couldn’t even walk without pain in my knees. Yes, I am in my early thirties and the knee pain started in my late twenties. The blame partially goes to my shoe habits and some illness that affected my knees. I never paid much attention to what a good shoe should have? Mostly I would buy fancy and expensive heels and some flats but it eventually made my condition worse.


I had sweet knee pain even when I slept. Gradually it reached the hip area and the sensation of pain could be felt at any time of the day or night. I visited my doctor and she had no answer. Then I was referred to the orthopedic who at just one glance declared that I have a flat foot, which needs addressing then and there. I never heard of this term flat foot, insoles, arches or… Before. I was an overall healthy person with weight on control.


I was very active and never imagined this would hit me so bad. I asked for some solution and I was surprised to hear that just by practicing the following :

  • Use an insole that would correct my feet imbalance that was affecting my entire body’s posture. Leading to knee pain, hip pain and was going to affect the other parts of my body in the near future.
  • Have a light exercise routine till the time the knee is getting back in alignment have flat foot shoes, to which I found that all major brands have priced really high and out of common man’s budget. But these things happen to comment men only. Then, there must be something that would fit my pocket?





I discovered that in UAE , many brands have customized insoles for every individual and they are super affordable too. I just had to visit their kiosks to get enlightened by the knowledgeable staff about different types of feet, shoes, insoles and flip flops.

My verdict after using the Flatfoot insoles and massage slippers for 1 week:

At home, I am continuously wearing my massage slippers which has direct acupressure effect and hence the knee pain and hip tenderness is almost gone. I walk all the time from the bedroom to kitchen to the living room and now I feel very motivated. I feel like standing up and do everything as now the body is so aligned and balanced.


The insoles that are so convenient to use and are made JUST for me, they fully support my heels and toes, balancing the weight of my body so smoothly. The fit is just right so I am using them inside my loafers and sports shoes which I use for my outdoor activities. I used the insoles and even after returning from outside, my feet felt so comfortable and I didn’t want to take them off. Before the shoes, no matter how comfortable or how pricey wouldn’t work for me is the flat foot user. Now, I really walk and even run without affecting my knees and rest of the upper body. The knowledge of the right insole has really helped me. I would still shout it out to the world that instead of spending money on medicines and pain killers, please concentrate on your foot health.

Massage Slippers with arch support

Massage Slippers with arch support for everyone


Usage for kids

It is advisable that if kids are having leg cramps or are doing a lot of sports activities, then they can be having foot issue and analyzing the same at an early stage and aiding them with proper footwear is the key. However, small kids below 7-8 years should not be analyzed as they are still in their developmental phase and the foot is still taking shape unless they have a clear disability.

For Arthritis patients:

I myself had acute arthritis at the late twenties and I suffered a lot initially. With a lot of knee pain, I avoided exercise for some time only to realize that I was just gaining weight due to a lack of physical activities. But I was too afraid for a brisk walk or run. The icing on the cake was that the pain stayed even at my rest time. I didn’t want any painkillers but still wanted to get rid of the pain. I had paid a visit to the Bone Specialist and at the first appointment, he figured that I have a flat foot. But the arch was still not confirmed, Later when I found that such places have a computerized system to check the minute details, then I fondly went for it.


The products range is vast- from customized Insoles, to massage flip flops, Compression socks, bunion covers, even beach slippers, they have it all.

What I loved about the customized insoles so much? :

  • They are so perfectly cushioned and feet never feel tired
  • They distribute the body weight evenly 50-50% on both toes and heels and thus you feel like walking little extra
  • There is a layer of shock absorbers that will protect the knee and foot from a jolt.
  • The gradual effect will be that you would want to walk or stay on the feet more and more.
  • The biggest point is that they are antibacterial and thus there is no change of foot fungus or foul smell.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth but not to be washed/ immersed in water.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years and above.
  • Fully customized in less than 30 minutes at the same shoe size

The science behind this technology is developed by doctors after many years of research just to simplify the lives of people who are disappointed with their body alignment.  Great minds behind the awesome and easy to use customized insoles at affordable prices.


Now I have decided to use the unique insoles and massage slippers made just for me instead of medication. If you want your feet analyzed and know the detailed result,  you can visit the specialists who know best.

Also, See the detailed report that was sent to my email id instantly by one of the companies so that I know what exactly is my current condition.

Detailed report over email

Happy to know exactly what the issue was!


Stay Healthy and happy and look for alternates for medication!


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