Would I rather play with my kid; watch Netflix; or simply relax when my dishwasher is at work. Or i could choose to be in front of the kitchen sink all the time doing dishes myself. If only cleaning was my virtue. I bought a dishwasher a few months back and honestly, I feel like I have unmaid myself.

The dishwasher comes in various kinds- countertop compact style, the versatile freestanding dishwasher and inbuilt dishwasher that go with the decor. Depending on the kitchen’s plan, I opted for a contemporary–freestanding dishwasher.


Freestanding dishwasher

Dishwashers are :

  • Quiet
  • Hygienic
  • Energy saving
  • Water-conserving
  • Smart- some models of dishwashers can be connected with the smart home appliances
  • Easiest to clean
  • Good for any load types even half load

Since long, without help, I was doing all my cooking and later cleaning of the dishes manually. Then, I realized that everyone I knew was using a dishwasher and are quite happy with it. Look at me. I never thought of buying it when technology wanted to be my friend.

Please don’t gift me anything fancy on my birthday, I told my husband. I would rather accept a dishwasher wrapped in a box secured with a silk ribbon. (To give it an exclusive birthday present touch)

To my surprise, my husband agreed with this. So, no diamond rings, no shoes, no shopping for 1 whole year, he said, negotiating. I said yes yes yes. I was eyeing a dishwasher and with an online deal that saved me about 40% of its cost, we just ordered it.


This was my pre-birthday gift. (Oh and I don’t remember a thing about not shopping afterward, which I absolutely did).

The dishwasher was delivered and we thought of space to keep it in our kitchen. It needs uninterrupted water flow and also the drainage at the same time. It gets hot inside the dishwasher when in use so ideally should be used carefully.

The dishwasher was placed and now it came with a manual. There are three things that go in it:

1. Dishwasher salt

2. Rinse aid

3. Dishwasher liquid or tablets or powder (I prefer liquid to powder or tablets as they do not leave any residue)


Dishwasher tablets



Dishwasher liquid


The former two can be put every 15 days or so in the provided holes and will be aiding in keeping the dishwasher and dishes rust free, shiny and non-spotty.

The dishwasher machine liquid is to be put in a particular place just like the detergent in the washing machine. The dishwasher liquid bottle may last up to 60 washes depending on the usage.


Dishwasher liquid

The tricky part is to put the dishes and utensils in the dishwasher for the best cleaning. Like I have a 16 plate setting one, so up to 16 plates can be washed in one lot. Other than that, all bowls, glasses, cups, dishwasher safe dishes can be cleaned in this. With some practice, I have now mastered what will go where.

I even put my heavy bottom pans etc in the lower rack to utilize every inch of my dishwasher.

Make sure the dishes have no food in them before you place them in the dishwasher to avoid any clogging.

There are two racks so the top rack can be loaded with lightweight dishes etc and the bottom rack with the heavier items.



There is a fan under the racks that should rotate without touching any dish (check manually after loading the dishwasher). Otherwise, after a whole cycle of running the dishwasher, the dishes would still be soiled.

Freestanding midea dishwasher momislearning


The drainage pipe should always have a clear way of disposing of the water. Also, the inlet of water should also be proper.

Every once a while the dishwasher should be checked for any food debris, else they will rotate in each dishwasher cycle.

There are different modes in the dishwasher from very heavy load to economy to just rinse. I use economy mode to save water, electricity and time. This model runs for up to 3 hours and I usually run this at night and in the morning, I wake up to a nice and clean kitchen.

Dishes are sparkly clean, no foul smell, all dishes are dry and ready to use.

Trust me, this is the best decision that I could take for myself and with this, I have got plenty of time to do what I otherwise could not. The dishwasher is water and energy-efficient too, so this is a win-win situation. No standing for long hours and scrubbing dishes one by one.

I do not even have to wait for a maid to come every next morning and I save on her salary too. Not to mention that the kitchen stays dirty for so many hours leading to cockroaches and are an eyesore if I wait for the maid.

All in all, this is not an expense but an investment. In the metro cities where there is a lot going on, this can be termed as a necessity. Housekeeping is a vital part of womanhood but this doesn’t mean we can not take help from the machines like a dishwasher

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