E safety rules for kids

When we hear about the dangerous online games that are teaching kids to bully others or attempt a dangerous act like suicide, self-harm or, stealing etc; we have to stay alert and monitor our kid’s online activities to keep the kids e-safe.
As a simple measure, avoid You tube where a lot of misguiding and false information is passed. We can not flag or report each video and content thus it is not advisable for the young kids. If the kid still needs it, parental supervision is recommended.
Alternates for e-safe screen time are plenty.
On Netflix, there’s a designated children profile where even age appropriateness for each show is specified. Like for all ages, for 7 years +. The programs are mostly educational and entertaining.

As a rule of thumb, let the kids watch content that a grown up can also understand and enjoy. It should be sensible, and kid friendly.

In UAE, channel E-junior is aired for small kids which have some really great shows related to manners, history, science, art and, active play too. Like Dinosaur Train,  Cat in the Hat, Daniel Tiger’s neighborhood, Topsy and Tim to name a few.
Keep the privacy setting on.
Practice safe browsing: if the internet suggests some website is potentially dangerous or unsafe, then kids should be advised to close the page.
Download carefully.
Allowing the kids a lot of time on the internet will eventually make them want to explore more. Kids are inquisitive, so keep that time allowed in check. Boredom can lead them to things other than they have to do. Like a chat on social media with a stranger, sharing their personal information online, sharing any pictures or videos of themselves or family members. meeting anyone you know online can be dangerous, therefore, kids should be guided. Kids should stay alert and inform the parents of any such things to be e-safe.
Stay S.M.A.R.T.
Safe, Meetings, Accepting, Reliable and Tell

Keeping kids busy in activities other than screen time is also beneficial, safer and good for their development

As for the young kids, in the absence of any electronic devices like TV, I pad, cell phones, kids can be diverted to toys. The best practice here is to Rotate toys. Don’t show kid all the toys, make bags or baskets for each week.
By taking the kid out for playdates or maybe by attending some hobby classes or summer camps with the child can be used to them away from the screens. The old fashioned way!
Some mothers are working, so if the time doesn’t allow for any outdoor activity then, involving the kid in baking, trying new recipes or simply doing a scrapbook together are some viable options
Radio and kindle can also be your kid’s best friends right now. Mothers evens can even read a kid’s book from the Kindle during sleep time.

These options will not just keep the kids e safe, but will also allow bonding with the kids. 

Kids will always want that which has gripped grown up’s attention, whether it is a gadget like iPad, mobile, etc. My recommendation would be that learn to discipline oneself so that kids can learn self-control. It would be unfair to expect children to comply when these rules are not guided by examples. Last bit would be, get your phone or iPad to keep playing music or audiobooks.
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  1. This one is very useful for all the parents who have such children..even I have a nephew of mine who is only 4 years old and always prone to the youtube cartoon videos..liked this post

  2. I have a 13 year old and I can’t tell on all these measures are important for me. Thank you for such an informative post.

  3. Such useful tips and tools I can use for my kids. More than montering I can use privacy settings to regulate what they view on the internet

  4. this post is extremely helpful for parents. id like to add as well that kids imitate what they see, so parents must also be cautious of the time they spend on the net themselves 😊

  5. Hhhhmmmm….well, on my end, I always engage with the little ones every step of the way clearly explaining whatever they don’t understand means. I am usually worried less!

  6. This is a must read for every parent, it’s on us to protect our kids be it offline or online and that’s why it’s always better to stay alert and teach our kids about e safety.

  7. These are some great tips. i TOO follow quite a few for my kids. Its really important to engage kids in meaningful activities.

  8. With the increasing usage of internet, tech gadgets, social media etc, e-safety rules must be taught to our kids early on and as parents we need to take precautions and monitor too. Your pointers are spot on and must be followed to a tee!

  9. These tips are all easy to incorporate and follow. The best way to ensure e-safety is to just play with your children. They won’t need the screen!

  10. Privacy settings is the key to regulate kids from digging more into the bad side of the web. I have heard of situations where kids of 13-14 have started exploring Dark Web and their parents are totally oblivious of the existence of such things.

  11. Thank you for sharing this important post is now a days kids friendly with smart TV and other apps. Have to take care of what is she is really good or not for them this is really helpful pote for all parents

  12. I’m happy that I’m one of those moms who doesn’t relent a bit when it comes to screen time. No means no. There’s so much to do beyond screens and kids must learn to explore that.