Once upon a time, when epilator was not invented, we ladies struggled. We commuted to the saloons, waited for our turns in the beauty parlors, sometimes leaving our kids with other family members, just to finally get the hot wax treatment to get rid of that nasty and ugly hair, sometimes got minor burns too. Today, I am sharing all the attributes of an epilator like how to use it, all the benefits and underlying risks plus the cost consideration.


In addition to all that, we paid money as per the package and repeated this process every 15-20 days. Then, the small thingy called epilator came to the rescue for all busy women across the globe and with many benefits, it has just changed the scenario of the beauty world.


For me, the initial two years after getting a small baby were a real struggle. From being the whole sole in-charge of my little one to taking care of all household chores, I never imagined taking out 1 hour for a parlor visit. This was next to impossible. I had stopped looking at myself in the mirror to avoid any horror.

Somedays, I would yearn for a simple facial to rejuvenate my own self. While on the other days, I thought mirror was making fun of me.

With overgrown eyebrows, hairy limbs, I looked more like a bear and less like a mom. I practically started home DIY facials, picked up a plucker and did my own eyebrows, but the hair removal was the worst part to tackle. Did I go for an epilator or not?



As soon as I became a mother, or even before that when I was pregnant and couldn’t handle the outdoor parlor hair removing process, I wanted to opt for an epilator but also had a little hesitation.

I was worried about many things, but the reasons I think epilator is the best alternative to wax, hair removal creams or razors are:-

  • The Cost:  As I got my hands on a not so pricey brand of an epilator, for a trial I bought it. I spent just AED 10 (USD 2.5) and the same epilator is still functioning super well.  Sorry, Braun. It saved me Around AED 150 ( Around USD 40).


  • The Efficiency: I was worried that the epilator will take too many batteries, but it came with an adapter therefore, I used it without having to invest in batteries. Just plugged in and used it.


  • The Pain: I have dreaded the waxing pain and hated the razors as they resulted in cuts too, the epilator just pinches for a sec and then the fear of the pain goes swoosh. I would say that only the fear of pain is there, once you start using an epilator,  you get used to the ticklish feel.


  • The Ease: Just an epilator with an electric plug is all I ever needed. The hair can be epilated easily. No mess, no heating, no wasted strips, no sticky feel. This is quite safe too, just like a hairdryer.


  • Side Effects: Since epilator has no cream and it just pulls out and cuts the hair, there is no skin irritation, but if you keep it on one area over and again, then the area will have temporary rashes that usually go in an hour. Best is to exfoliate your skin before using the epilator for smooth legs and hands.


  • Usage Frequency: Right, for a person who has a faster hair growth, will have to use it once the hair starts showing up. The plus point of epilator is that the thickness of the new hair reduces and thus the hair does not appear quite quickly. So, the frequency is less than that after a wax or shave.


  • During Travel: As it is so light in weight and very small in size, it can be easily used during holidays.


  • Total Savings: Each month I have saved around 100 AED (USD 25) by not going to the beauty saloons. Eplitaor being very handy and very convenient for me to use even when I have no time to go out.


The first time was special, I read the manual but then tried it with my shivering hands. I expected it to be more like a shaving trimmer for men. But it was just the opposite. Extremely smooth and when used on full growth, the ingrown hair is also extracted.


I guess some gadgets are godsent and this is one great way to look and feel confident and attractive.

Stay awesome ladies!



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