So, Two months have passed since this deadly influenza type A virus caught my 2-year-old.

She had a burning fever for the whole night, the next morning was a complete chaos.

We could not get an early morning appointment. We waited while my girl was sick and fever was not going down from 39* F. Finally, an appointment was fixed for 12 noon.

She could not eat anything. She refused even liquid. We had no clue what was in the store for us.

At the clinic, we waited for our turn. The doctor examined and suggested a blood test and a swab test.

It turned out to be something we never anticipated.

The next day, the doctor gave us a call and asked us to come as quickly as possible.

Husband was working and he rushed home. We were trying to reach the clinic but apparently, everyone was on the roads that day. Our sick kid was with us, we felt panicked.

As it is, there was excessive traffic on the roads. The doctor was done with her last appointment and we were constantly getting calls from the clinic to come soon.

At last, we made it to the clinic.

The doctor said Influenza is diagnosed and my heart sank.

The doctor suggested a medication different than the previous one and only this new one would work in the case of influenza fever.


And our bad luck. This medicine for younger kids was not available in the entire city.

Already in a state of utter confusion, the Doctor finally found out a baby version wherein we had to break the capsule in a specific amount of water, and only specified quantity was to be given twice daily for the next 5 days.

Well. Diet. She could not eat ANYTHING, High fever accompanied by a cough and cold, and worse was yet to come. We saw blood in her cough.

Again a blood test was done and we were referred to the ENT specialist. Her hemoglobin was low!

Pediatric had to go abroad for doctors meet and she was out of reach. Thankfully, another pediatric called us and informed that bleeding was a “Side Effect” and it will go. Thank goodness we got some relief.

Her fever was coming down gradually while consuming only juices and breastmilk. She looked so terribly weak and anti-social.

I prayed she got better soon. Tamiflu worked its magic. She started feeling better in 3 days. The influenza was treated, well almost.

Last few days of the treatment, she had little cough and congested nose. This was also eventually fading away.

We are kind of parents who would never miss a vaccination, but this one was nowhere in the vaccination booklet, neither any doctor referred to us before. So, one missed vaccination lead to the life threatening flu.

Once the doctor said it is not the normal flu, this is very dangerous and since we have diagnosed it on time, we will treat her.

My daughter is herself again. Witty, cheerful and fun. But, these entire 15 days have taught us a lesson.

Never miss a vaccination.

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