Who needs a jewelry when you can own a watch?

As a minimalistic millennial mother, I prefer just one or two pieces of accessories. One of them essentially is my cute wedding ring, and another one is my Gino Rossi Watch in silver which completes my look each day.

I do not prefer looking at my mobile and still reminsencing the good old days when even as a schooler, I wore wrist watches. My first watch was a black one with a cock a doodle doo alarm.

I remember and still admire that my working mother wore a wrist watch all the time when there were no mobile phones and she managed things so swiftly. She worked full time and still never missed a beat. Her watch always fascinated me since my childhood mainly because I have seen my mother utilizing her time according to the watch and it added to her personality, oh my!

Gino Rossi is ofcourse super stylish, I can’t get enough of this watch even when I am out and about.

On top of being so good looking, my no screen resolution also gets accomplished when I don’t have to peek into my mobile for time. I usually end up doing much more than just looking at the time if I used a cell phone. I check emails, wtsapps and Facebook videos for hours and feel guilty. But, with a pretty watch, I am certainly keeping myself and my daughter away from being a victim to the cell phone technology.

Better still, my daughter is also loving this idea of wearing a watch.

Its like a heritage, a thing of my times, that I can still linger on to, making sure my life’s priorities are ticked.

When I am doing a school run, I don’t have to worry about my charged phone, when I am outside, I still easily manage my shopping, traveling hours without getting my daughter’s attention towards the cell phone. I don’t need a charger each day and there is zero hassle.

I don’t see people wearing watches these days as much as they were wearing them before. But, soon, I hope they realise that watches are truly the in thing – forever–just like diamonds.

If you don’t own a beauty like mine, you can check out the range from jubilya – watch that I love

Loved the stylish watch?

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  1. Wow that is a really pretty watch. I love to wear jewellery but cannot handle it for too long. Im happy when I’m not wearing accessories actually but I need to at least wear a watch. Will check this one…

  2. Wow! Lovely watch. I also love to wear a watch rather than jewellery on a routine day. I will go for a check . Thanks for sharing.