When In Abu Dhabi series : Abu Dhabi Marina Eye Ferris wheel ride

There are few experiences in life that can only be cherished by physically being there. One simply has to try these in order to get the best experience. One such thing that can surely be added to anyone’s bucket list while in Abu Dhabi is the Marina Eye.

Marina eye is a giant Ferris wheel that is located next to Abu Dhabi Marina Mall and it overlooks the yacht club and the vast Arabic sea.

Marina eye is a great experience for adventurous people but should be avoided by pregnant women, heart patients and people who are having high blood pressure.

Although I did go there when I was into my second trimester. The thrill of going up on day 1 of the year did its work and here I was, on the top van of the Ferris wheel, clicking pictures of the city and the surroundings.

I was amazed by the view on one side the mall, the Emirates Palace was shining bright. On the other side, the mesmerizing Yacht club with countless yachts was putting on a show. The multicolored lights on every yacht have its own effect. Like a painter’s scenery, the shimmer on the seawater allured the spectators.

The rules of the marina eye are simple – sit steadily, do not stand or shake the van while it’s in motion.

The ride is for 7-8 minutes and it stays very slow and stops once you are at the topmost of the wheel so that you can enjoy the view.

Aed 55 per adult and Aed 25 for kids above 12 years is such a nominal fee for this 8-minute ride.

The view and the thrill of bringing on the top point of the Ferris wheel is incomparable and insatiable.

It operates from 1 pm to 11 pm Sunday – Thursday and Friday, Saturday from 11 am until 1 pm.

It is open on public holidays as well.

Here are some of the pictures, that might tempt you to go there too.


After this ride, we headed to the beach to have some snacks and that’s how we wrapped up our New Year day 1, of course, we didn’t take any fitness resolutions and while everyone was running or hitting the gym, we were munching on some fabulous food.

How likely is that you are in Abu Dhabi and miss this fun?




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