Babystore in UAE

With the boost in online shopping, there are plenty of options in the UAE market for mom and baby-related products. There are awesome advantages of buying online from good places and one such website is

I recently discovered the app of Babystore and I was amazed at the kind of products it has to offer.

From kids to infants, to mothers, to even household related products from international brands are being sold here.

Babystore UAE

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I have compared the prices with the other websites and totally loved the Babystore website. The ease of purchasing is great. The variety of products is even better.

As a mother, I think buying online is way better than going to the malls, etc with a kid hanging on your back or if you are expecting already.

I recently purchased a new baeba baby bathtub and due to the clear images and description, I quickly decided to buy it. I even got free shipping. Yeah. This is a boon in UAE as nothing gets delivered here for free.

I had multiple choices when I bought this bathtub. The main factor was the design and ease of draining the water. The soft to feel and non-skid surface ensures a safe and fun bath for the baby. There is even a place to put the showerhead so that you don’t have to hold that thing but only concentrate on the baby. This can even be used until the age of 3 years. Awesome. Isn’t it?

therefore, for me, it just made a way to the shopping cart. I wanted to share if you use code ‘Deepa10’, You will get an on-spot discount of 10%.

The shipping will come in the next 2-3 working days and I am super excited to unbox it.

There are more such products which I will reveal gradually and with using the code Deepa10 on you can as well get the best deal of the best products in UAE.




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What to do when waiting for the new baby👶? As this is my second pregnancy, I am not going to repeat any mistakes that happened after my daughter came into the world in 2014. It was an emergency c section and all I could do was to ask my parents, husband to get the things for the baby. Some were just so impractical but I was not sure what to do in my condition. Well, here’s a perfect way to get ready for the baby. Yes!! I have planned a little bit for the new arrival and this bath tub is from @beaba_middleeast and I ordered through This is made in France, and is specially designed for small bubs, it has a drain hole on bottom and even has a place to put the shower head. Safe and easy to dry I am impressed!! There are so many things in the online store, if you want to buy anything mom or kid related from, use code Deepa10 and get an extra 10% discount. #momapproved #babystore #momblogger #expectingmom #pregnancydiaries #preggo #uaebloggers #ffriyayz #urbnscale #maggieeluvvrr #thurzxbackx #thursday0909 #sardimedhoopnahi #nmine222 #lemnost #kaippoche #aajhogayz10janz #10janlike1 #momtobe2020 #12janlike1

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  1. Wow looks like you got all your baby products covered and you’re all set to deliver and take care of the baby . All the best!