Stem cell banking in UAE – by Cellsave Arabia – A miracle box review.

First of all, Stem Cell banking is not a scientific breakthrough, it is a revolution.

What are stem cells exactly?

Stem cells are special cells with miraculous power to transform into any tissue or organ in the body.

Due to this wonderful feature, these cells have the ability to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases like – autism, stroke, Alzheimer’s, hair loss, diabetes, kidney disorders, lung diseases, Parkinson’s, etc.

With Cellsave Arabia ( previously cryosave) , I learned that it is such a great and easy way to save your stemcells and preserve them for a long duration of 30 years. That’s all for the well-being of your precious little one.

But, be aware that this can only be done AT ‘delivery time’.

So, keeping this time window in mind can really be a big step towards the saving of the stem cells for the baby’s future.

These cells are carefully saved in multiple locations across the globe and can help overcome many diseases even the incurable ones. The latest update says that these are quite effective to cure COVID 19 as well.

The part of the cord etc. is carefully saved by the doctors in the cell save Arabia box during the delivery of the baby. This is then handed over to the cellsave Arabia team, who in my case came to the hospital within an hour of informing.

The team is very good and well trained. They are one call away and they directly come to the hospital. Once you hand over the box to them, they will take care of the rest. You can then concentrate on the baby and relax.

I am glad to make such an investment in the stem cell technology for my baby. It is worth notable that we spend thousands of dirhams in child’s education each year, this is just a small percentage of that amount for their good health. I calculated like that and it turned out to be the best future insurance for my kids.

Cellsave is the best way to get an insured health coverage for your children and should be done by all expecting parents.

This is an advancement, and a scientific breakthrough, and while we can make use of it, so why not? Lack of information in my case delayed the process. But I was ready to do it in my second pregnancy. I have gifted the most precious and invaluable gift to my baby and I feel so proud of it.


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