4 winter self care ideas with Palmer’s

People like me who love winter season but hate the dryness of hair and skin that comes along, always look for a simple and doable solution. I recently tried the Winter essential box from Palmer’s and voila. Winters, you are definitely getting a 100/100 from me.

Palmer’s coconut oil Formula products contain ethically and sustainably sourced coconut oil and Tahitian Manoi, infused with Tiare flower petals 🌸. These raw and natural ingredients deeply hydrates hair and skin.

About Palmer’s:

The USA based giant has come up with multiple solutions for new and expecting mothers, babies, and even for people who are very serious about their skincare and haircare regime.

No Sulfates • No Parabens • No Phthalates • No Mineral Oil • No Gluten • No Dyes

Yes, Palmer’s do believe in the best and safe practices thus, eliminating the harmful substances from the products is the most important part of palmer’s.

In summers, Palmers UAE has introduced a summer essential box. This time around, a winter essential box containing 4 products has been launched. I am sure it will be just one box, essential for the entire winters. So winters will be smooth and moist – for skin and hair.

Let me take you through the Palmer’s Winter essential box.

The box come in a cute and very lush look. The box has beautiful print that shows how much Palmers cares for the users. It’s about the ingredients that go in these awesome products.

You can check out palmer’s website here

As we say, good things come in small packages. This is so right in this case too. Let me explain what the winter essential box contains.

Product 1. Palmer’s Success Glow Water Lily Face Cream

For a non greasy and radiant complexion. Use the cream after washing face. Immediately skin feels bright with an even tone. Dark spots and discoloration of skin is visibly deminishes. Face gets luminous and very radiant.

How I use it : After every time I wash my face, using a pea sized amount and softly massage it around my cheeks, over lips and near eye area.

Product 2: Palmer’s coconut oil formula Coconut oil hand cream

This is a creamy and very smooth and luxurious hand cream for a glove like protection. It seals the moisture right in. With a regular use, hands feels soft and supple. The dryness and cracking goes away.

How I use it : After a bath and before bed, I use this cream to massage my hands and I wake up to the soft and smooth feeling hands. Easy to use. Keeping it next to my bed so thar I don’t forget to use it.

Product 3: Palmer’s Coconut oil formula Coconut oil Conditioning Shampoo

Our hair are most prone to the dryness and damage. Winters sure take away a lot from the hair. The hair that are always exposed to the harsh cold air, needs extra love. This coconut oil based conditioning Shampoo that is rich and creamy, when used for every wash, leaves hair well manageable and well cleaned. Since it is free of sulphates and harsh detergents, it gently removes build-up without stripping hair or disturbing the ph balance. Tip: Don’t use hot water on hair ever. Colder the better.

How I use it: I squueze out a very little quantity on my palm and then I massage on my damp hair. Make some froath and wash thoroughly. Once application seems enough as we are not going outdoors much these days. Repeat the process if required though.

Product no. 4: Palmer’s coconut oil formula Coconut oil Repairing Conditioner

Now call me a little old fashioned, but I do believe that we need to condition the hair after each wash for sure. conditioning hair with a coconut oil based conditioner is the best gift we can give to our mane. Remember how generously our moms massaged that coconut oil for overnight soaking earlier. But since we have a fast life, we can switch to this smart Coconut oil based Conditioner from palmer’s and can still have lustrous and healthy hair.

The conditioner is rich and creamy. After leaving on the damp washed hair for 5 minutes, it instantly detangles and coats each strand. My hair are shinier, silky and so easy to comb.

How I use it: I take about half of my palm sized amount and massage in my washed hair. Leaving it for few minutes in the hair to let it penetrate. Wash it off till you see that bubbles aren’t coming out from the water anymore. That’s it. Cover hair with a towel and wait till it gets a bit dry. Comb and enjoy the pampering session.

Conclusion :

The best time of the year in UAE is certainly the winter season. I am sure feeling carefree when I am backed with #palmersme winter essential products. As a palmer’s brand ambassador, I do take pride in sharing my experience with the world.

Have you used any of these products and if yes, how did you like the results?

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