Moksh Restaurant Indian fusion At its best

When I talk about Indian food, I think of aroma, use of perfect spices, some tangyness, a perfect milange of ingredients and served with love.
I think one such place #inabudhabi is MOKSH Restaurant which is located in Conrad Hotel in Etihad Towers.

Food menu is curated by the celebrity chef and under his expert guidance, the dishes that are finally prepared are something to vouch for.

The food is made in fusion form, and every single dish here represents a flair, a zeal and somewhat you can call a flavour, a taste that is so heavenly, you will almost feel like a sense of salvation. The preparation and style is worth noting.
The menu is huge, so I will only talk about the dishes I tried.

The restaurant interiors are mesmerizing and are done subtly keeping in mind – relaxing the senses, calm and cozy setup.

Indian food which i regularly make at my home too, and my husband who is a big critic of my cooking, made me quite an avid food lover. So, eating these dishes, but with a twist, was quite an experience of the lifetime.
Each and every single item is done in line with the theme and needless to say, the food touches your soul.

When you realise that even that single chat on your plate is done in a special way, just for you, then you will sure feel true hospitality.
The welcome drink – with a bubble that once pops, leaves a trail of that vapory smoke, you will be thrilled. My daughter loved it so much.

I loved the samosas – with beetroot coloured outer crust.
The mushroom stuffed fried dumplings were just so juicy and very creamy at the same time. The dip/sauce accentuated the taste well.
Chicken as an appetizer was a good choice.
Charcoal shrimps with shezwan chutney had a peculiar taste and no doubt, it deserves a placed in the menu.
Dal makhni – the most loved North Indian lentil curry dish, not fiercy but very delicate and had a poori in the middle, to add that twist. Goes well with Indian breads – garlic naan and paratha.

Artichoke saag – now don’t expect that you will get the regular serving of palak (spinach) saag here. Artichoke is already the most luxurious ingredient and with a gravy of this cramy ingredient, you will certainly feel that there’s something about Indian fusion food, you will get only here at Moksh.
Biryani–the dum Biryani is done in the same pot with that thin layer of wheat dough, that keeps the aromas of the spices and ingredients within the pot itself. Each grain of rice incorporates that dum taste. This is a special technique menu item and is done
brilliantly here. Served with pickle, rayta, papad and salad.


The variety of beverages – juices as well as alcohol is quite awesome and as I said, the place serves so much more than just hospitality, you will definitely feel the warmth here.

We ended our meal as sweetly as possible.
Halwa in anjeer shape with jalebi as base and barfi kulfi on the side made me forget about all the things happening outside that place.
The rose sponge cake smeared with perfect creamy icing and with silver coated chiana definitely tops my favorites.
A person like me, who runs away from sweets, finished it in a few seconds. What do you call that?

All in all, they make you feel like totally special person. That is why I want you to experience it when you are in Abu Dhabi.
Moksha 🎑🎑

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