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Swaddling a baby has its own perks. The swaddle makes it easier to give a womb-like a warm and secure feeling to the infant. The right swaddle cloth size, the material, and technique are some points to be kept in mind while swaddling.

I lately handpicked Aden+Anais swaddle set from for my baby. These swaddles come in a pack of 2 and 3 and it makes it so convenient to wash and use these alternatively.

The Aden and Anais swaddles are made with 100 % tensile strength cotton and are super easy to fold and cover the baby entirely. The feeling of this swaddle is quite gentle and the touch is soft.

Swaddling as I mentioned before is best for babies, especially in the age group of 0-4 months. It helps them sleep even longer, and they don’t get startled while sleeping.

I have been swaddling my infant for a few days now, and have noticed a good sleeping pattern. The baby becomes less fussy when swaddled.

These swaddles are made of natural fabric, making them breathable and quite comfortable.
I use the swaddle as a receiving blanket as well.
The huge square shape allows multiple uses and this can even be used as a baby carrier.

This is an absolute must for any baby and I would recommend buying it from since these are available at special prices here.

Swaddling is an art, in a few steps, one can master the technique. The swaddle covers the baby in a way that baby feels he is being hugged and loved. Giving them psychological assurance and they don’t get suddenly startled and shaken – by a bad dream or a sound.

I swaddle my baby gently in the Aden and Anais swaddle mostly during night and baby sleeps at a longer stretch for 2-3 hours. This sleep is so crucial for their growth. As a second-time mother,  I know the sound of sleep is so vital for a baby’s growth.

Swaddled babies look adorable too. Touchwood!
Steps to swaddle –

  1. Make a triangle with the Aden + Anais swaddle cloth.

  2. Put the baby on the top of the triangle.

  3. Hold baby’s arm and bring it close to his chest, but don’t stress on making it very straight.

  4. Cover the one side with the swaddle angle.

  5. Fold from the leg side towards the baby’s chest. Try keeping some leg movement space.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other arm.

  7. From the tail part, tie the ends near the knees so that the swaddle stays put.

Source: Pinterest

These swaddles can be purchased from and code – Deepa10 will fetch you an extra 10% discount too.



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