My Secret to the ultimate toned body

I was completely occupied with my 3-year-old child and as far as my schedule went, even though I thought I was working the whole day, it somehow occurred to me that my body is no longer ‘toned’. This was due to the lack of actual exercise. I received Palmer’s kit that had the best surprise for a lot of devastated people like me. The packet brought about such a sensory pleasure – full with the goodness of coconut and my soul grooved. Aah, that smell…So, for the targeted toning of hips, thighs & Upper arms- this is the product.

I checked there was a packet of a patch to get a slimmer body in no time. Plus the ease to use. Within 10 minutes of application, the process ends. It is parabens free, phthalates free, gluten free, has no mineral oil or dye and thus is guilt free. Oh my! I just decided that I am going to use it right away. The product helps improve microcirculation and naturally tightens and tones.

BODY FIRMING SHEET MASK (made with fair trade coconut oil and monoi – with vitamin E )

I used it on the ‘PAUNCH’ on my belly which was the outcome of a sedentary lifestyle. The result was unbelievable. As recommended, I followed simple instructions like:

  1. Peel and place on the dry skin
  2. Keep it on for 10 min.
  3. Use the second patch on the other side, like another thigh, or the other arm.
  4. Gently remove and massage for hydration and firming.

You will feel the tingling sensation and the results will be what you couldn’t achieve easily otherwise.

Within minutes, I could fit in my old jeans which were lying in my cupboard in a hope to see the sunshine again. “Just perfect”. My husband said. Normally, he would ask me to change to a “more appropriate clothing” before we left the house. But, this time there were just all compliments for me.

I felt like a SAHM Goddess again.

Shh- Palmer’s is soon coming up with an online store in the UAE.

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