The joy in small things

The new things we buy for her, considering her taste in fashion, her own choices, sure just bring her an unseen joy. I see my little child growing in front of my eyes gradually, beautifully. Then, I try to find my young self in her. I sense that she is not just a part of me, but completely like me. Like I must have been. Just after 30 years, the history is repeating itself. It’s like I am born again. To do the things I did I my childhood, to feel like a child again.

A child is experiencing new things in the world while analyzing and learning and I have started noticing her intellect growing, her horizons widening and is causing me nothing but a sense of nostalgia.

The days we go out to the great outdoors – the park, the beach or anywhere she can explore more of the outside world. She does what a child with all desires would do. She never looks back. The mother would be on her toes of course for the necessary supervision. The kid would run, climb, fall, get hurt, cry a bit and then forget about what happened and be on the roll to explore again.

I was amazed to see that she is turning out to exactly the way I was. The genes are to blame, I am certain. I see her and I am reminded of my childhood days when playing whole day was my only agenda. I used to play with each kid irrespective of their age and turned out to be quite social too. I was clearly instructed by my parents that never get bullied nor bully anyone. If someone fights, then I must fight back and never bring the issues indoor. Those were the days. I just love thinking about them when my daughter is following my footsteps.

Another experience that has been exhilarating me since forever is the new stuff. Same goes for my daughter. Actually, whenever I got my daughter anything new, she cared less for it always. But as a part of her growing up and a sign of her own individual preferences, she is very clear of her own choices- how she wants to dress up, what color should her shoes be, etc. I recently promised to buy her a princess crown and as soon as she got it, she immediately put it on her head and dramatically, she became a princess and she started behaving so royally. I was just amazed to see her in her new avatar. So Sensible.  Read here –The Bedtime story that she loved

This is how my childhood was too whenever I got anything new, full of excitement and a hint of drama. She is giving me so many nostalgic moments which are thrilling enough. She is learning to be a good human being while sharing her things and doing things with empathy and depicting caring nature. The joy of new things is certainly on her mind too. We are celebrating even the smallest of things while we can. Letting go of such precious moments is never an option. At midnight, if she wants to change her clothes to her liking, I take it positively and in good spirits. Looking after the emotional growth is my duty after all. This is a loving imperfect mother raising her child with love and care.

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