DIY Decorative Pots – Activity this Ramadan with your kids

This Ramadan, decorate your house all by yourself with the help of your kids. Exceptionally with just a few things (almost no cost) and a lot of love. This easy Do- It- Yourself activity is for creating the masterpieces which you can use to decorate the living room or balcony. The things used are very easily available and the kids will love to participate too. This festival, work along with your little kids, bring the best of your creativeness together with this activity.

Activity Details: DIY Decorative Pots

Material required:
1. Old metal vases/ reusable jars from the kitchen/ yogurt bucket- 4-5 No’s.
2. Ropes or any other pretty strings – 3 Meter.
3. Fevicol/ glue- 1 bottle
4. Decoration material- seashells, buttons, any old dress patches
5. Scissors
Let’s start.

Use clean vases or jars or yogurt buckets and put some fevicol/ hot glue on the outside. Now take the string and starting from the base carefully wrap it around the vase going upwards.

Do it with one single color string or multicolored. Your choice.

Seal the ends with some extra glue and cut the extra string and keep it aside for 10 minutes to dry.

Use the seashells, buttons or the patches to create a magnificent look. Kids love pasting things with glue so let them have a go.

Now. Dry it again for 10 minutes and there!

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Your masterpiece is ready.

I have done this activity with my 2-year-old and I believe this special mummy and kid activity has resulted in another fun filled day to get excited about. All she talks about is how beautiful the house looks and how she made it herself. I hanged one pot outside on my balcony and now it is a home to a little bird’s egg.

This has given a special look to my house for Ramadan and the art piece has made my child another step closer to being creative and imaginative.

Your child will not only learn to recycle but also learn to love things around him.

Tell me how are you going to spend your Ramadan? Any special activities or ideas? Do share with me in the comments. Read – Bedtime story

Ramadan Kareem!

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Cover Pic Credit: Pinterest

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  5. Such a fab idea to do with your kids. Now just teach me how to keep the plants inside alive please! 😂🙈

  6. How amazing! I have done the similar craft activity for a vase by wrapping around a string on a bottle; but I need to try this with my little one and Ramdan will be the best time to do it.

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