I have found my way to wellness, Have you?

After using them for some time now, I feel the radical change in myself, and they way i-feel. Do you want to know what is it? Read on. Just when I realized that I am soon going to cross the age when I might be more prone to health issues like poor eyesight, unnecessary weight gain, hair fall, dullness of skin, overall metabolism changes; I started to look out for some natural solution to nullify the issues. I come from a country where all the wellness practices go along the lines of Ayurveda. I am too fond of it. It made sense to me to stay away from any harsh chemicals and go natural. No side effects and proven results.

Then, luckily, a secret product was unveiled in front of my eyes and I was more than happy to opt for it because of the healthy vital ingredients it has. IRemedies.

Are these fine for use?

Should I be aware of any particular side effects?

Are these really worth it?

The answer to all my question was- These are absolutely safe to use as these are all natural. How awesome is that?

I am jumping with Joy!!!!

I don’t need eyeglasses now. My vision is much better while reading or watching TV as I used the i-vision boost. This has greatly supported my vision health as well reduced eye fatigue. The antioxidants that help in optimal visual health and near perfect eyesight are a part of this remedy. This even helps reduce problems like Age-Related Macular Degeneration also known as AMD. Key ingredients are- Bilberry, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Beta-carotene, Selenium, and Omega-3.

I have lost 10 kg within 1 month (from 62 to 52kg) and back to being active by using iSkinny XS. Helps in burning stubborn fat while boosting metabolism and checking the appetite that you no longer think of only eating. All this leads to increased level of energy. The perfect mix of ingredients- Green Tea Extract, L- Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia and Chromium results in a healthy weight loss. Along with this, one can go for a normal balanced diet and some exercise program to achieve the desired results and a more toned body.

Let’s talk about- well hair and skin. These are mostly exposed to outside pollution, heat, dry weather, dust and what not. My hair fall has become a thing of the past with the use of i-Ageless Beauty. My skin looks much fresh and flawless too. The signs of aging- fine lines, blemishes and wrinkles have phenomenally diminished. I feel like a teen again. I have started going out much more without feeling embarrassed of thin hair or blemished skin. This again has dome amazing ingredients like Bio marine collagen, high potency biotin, glutathione, grape seed extract with L- Cysteine and horsetail. Phew. They have worked really hard to bring out this. But wait, more beautiful ingredients for the hair beauty enhancer that includes are- Indian Gooseberry ( Amla), Alpha Lipoic acid, Goji Berry and hyaluronic acid. Now there is no stopping that amazing beauty of yours.

I am more active through the day and don’t miss coffee at all by using – iUltimate Omega. These are the dietary supplement formula capsules containing triple strength omega from Fish Oil (full of DHA). Plus point is that there is no aftertaste of any fish oil. Nothing fishy here. Great for heart, Brain, vision as well as joints. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle then this is what you should have each day.

I have no knee and back pain anymore. I can hold my daughter and even carry her around without a worry of joint pain. So much love for this bonding. I no longer feel the pain as iFlexi Joints ( Origin- Canada) is with me. My joint marrow has phenomenally increased to provide cushioning and lubrication and the joins are back to normal. The injured joints have recovered too. All this by just taking proper supplement meant for promoting joint mobility and anti-inflammatory activity. Bye Bye Arthritis. Key ingredients are again all natural includes- Collagen, Boswellia, Silica, Turmeric, and Ginger ( for the synergistic effect). Good for Athletes, patients with joint distress and fitness enthusiasts.

They have a solution for any potency issues all thanks to the i-Ultra Nova. This is for male usage only. Comprised of Tongkat, Ali, Maca, Tribulus, Ginseng and the famous vitality booster Ashwagandha. The world famous herbs.

These all natural organic health products are easily available in the UAE and I highly recommend these from my own experience.

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    Thank you for sharing this very informative post. I agree with you. Wellness is very important!

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    Thanks for the informative information I'm 34 and as you get older these things do come with age. I have already been trying to figure […] Read MoreThanks for the informative information I'm 34 and as you get older these things do come with age. I have already been trying to figure out the weight gain and I have started doing the green smoothie cleanse which has helped me. I've also learned about losing hair it pretty much was about what you intake as far as eating and drinking removing the stress and toxin can help you out a great deal in your life. Read Less

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