Women and their image in Society, When help is handy.

It is interesting to know that a lot of women do not know when to opt for image counseling. People contact the image consultants when they feel they need to change something about themselves. It is usually their appearance (look or style) that bothers them or when they feel low about their personality.

Most of the time, what the consultant finds out in a person are the other aspects of their image that needs polishing. It can be weight loss & nutrition, makeup or hairstyle issues or even presentation skills and voice issues that possibly can be improved. Evaluation process comes out of the pre-consultation and client’s requirements. The clients are usually in transformation process, seeking a new challenge in private or professional life and understand that their image plays the huge role in it.


The client who was working for a company for years but want to set up his/her own business.

The client who is about to change the job and will undergo an interview soon.

A woman after the maternity break, who wants to rejoin the office environment.

These are only a few examples of groups who are seeking help. They might be all different but have something in common.

All of them expect new challenges and need to create the best first impression to be able to move forward.

That is the key.

We must know the Number of sessions or hours that are involved.

The number of sessions or hours defer from person to person. Many factors influence their decision like budget or their time. Total makeover process takes approximately 12-24 hours or sessions which includes pre-consultations.

Some people start with programs including 4 or 8 hours but when they find out how essential the process is and realize the benefits, they continue with adding more hours before finishing the session.

However, as a consultant coaches them while shopping and styling plus they’d get the style guide report, it allows them to be able to shop by themselves anytime in the future and pay attention to details dedicated to their look. Hence, no one will ever underestimate the power of their image. People usually still come back after this for occasional shopping or the special occasions.

Counseling young woman, what exactly needs improvement and how?

Each woman requires individual treatment, but all of them get something in common. The successful image consultants always make sure that they understand the power of the first impression and follow the main pillars of personalized styling according to their age.

Importance of reference check – the mention of successful cases.

Consultant whose mission is to change your image works based on facts mixed with creativity and fun.

To see the successful cases, the testimonial and the website including social media and emails are a powerful way to cross check the past results. Happy clients generally share thankful messages or even can share testimonial publicly. The before after stories.


Firstly pople need to stop buying useless clothes and save money while shopping. When they pay more attention to the look they get Moremo compliments from people around. They are ready to face the world.

After the image is being improved, one can easily see what is being achieved. The happy, Self-confident individual who understands that first impression matters.

In the end, every penny spend will make sense.

How much fee should one be ready to pay?

The fee for such services depends on client’s requirements.

In UAE, such programs starts at 1500AED up to 8000AED. There are also occasional special offers people can benefit from. Keep an eye on their websites for promotion.

Is there an alternative to imaged counseling?

Broadly, there isn’t any known alternate solution to this. You can ask for an help your friendship or family members, but it is not the way to receive the professional advice.

How great is it for the women from different backgrounds?

It is important for anyone who needs to meet people to reach the goals and get closer to the success. It doesn’t matter what country we are from, either you are a man or a woman. The truth is that we can’t walk naked and need to dress up every day in the best way to be noticed. Its is the same as brushing the teeth every morning. Who would miss brushing their teeth each morning?wapiti

Read What women have to say about it!

Taking up image counseling is obviously good for people who want success but know how will it benefit in a long run?

Usually, when people reach their success, other goals are set. So who ever is goal oriented needed to look great because the great first impression is important no matter what.

This is a non sponsored content and based on a real interview -with an image consultant. This post emphasize on the need to look good and confident. Each day. If you need help in achieving that, there is no shame. Boost your personality and thank me later.

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