Jiya was packing her suitcase. She put her favourite dresses that she never wore before. She remembered how excited she was when she bought them 8 years ago. But, the excitement faded over these years and in some knnown hope, she continued to long for the day when she will flaunt them while walking besides her husband. She had waited for good 8 long years after she got married. Her charming youth was still in her. Somewhere. She was everything else but a wife. She was an example of the long distance relationship.

She looked back in time and in a split of a second, her memories came alive in her mind. Mohit, a handsome, tall attractive boy came to see her at her parent’s and they shared a few talks that day. They knew that this is going to be forever. They soon got married only to get separated by distance. Mohit left for overseas for a job opportunity. It wasn’t even an year after their marriage and Jia was expecting. It was decided by all elders that she had to stay with Mohit’s parents for a while until the time was right for them to reunite.

Only Jiya knew how depressing it was to stay away from her husband. She of course was well mannered and matured to consider the parents of his husband as her own. She let go of her desires to be pampered by her husband each day and many other dreams. Soon, she got blessed with a healthy baby. Husband’s trip to the parents frequented now she could see him more often. The truth was that she wanted him to be a responsible and loving father. She wanted him to be with his family now. He made a promise to call them once he settled and he again left her longing. He was earning money for the family but did it really matter without actually having the family around? The essence of time was slipping like the sand from the timer and no amount of money could bring these precious moments back.

The husbandless wife and the fatherless son. They are at the plight of the elders. Jiya hesitated so many times when she wanted to buy something personal for herself or her child. She felt lonely. She was held back. Society, his own family, her own values, everything was telling her to wait, to stay patient. Like this, she kept on waiting and losing on the precious 8 years of her youth. The child started going to school and she felt like she was only responsible for his needs, desires, his schedule. She finally spoke up. She communicated to Mohit that she wanted to join him.

Mohit was also convinced somehow that Jiya and his only kid needed him. He made arrangements to send for them. They are finally going to be together. Jiya was ready to take on her fate and her life. She regretted the delay in her . She should have protested a long back. These years can’t be returned but she can start afresh. Like a newly wed. This time, she will relive each second. Mohit is keeping his long kept promise he made 8 years ago. She smiled for the first time in ages. She opened her handbag and put her new makeup inside it.

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