Flame test – Are you sure your baby product is safe?

My younger sister called me. She was confused and panicked. I could sense something was not right. She said that her daughter got severe rashes after she used the wipes a day before. In no time I found out that the wipes that she used for the baby’s delicate skin were NOT SAFE. The baby got cranky and uncomfortable. She turned RED everywhere the wipe touched. The poor child was in pain. All because of a wipe? I wanted to be sure so I just took out one wipe from the same brand my sister left at my place during her last visit. It felt bit elastic. I decided I will check how it reacts with heat. I burned one corner of that wipe.

The result was shocking. There was a strong burning smell, like that of a plastic or polyester. Then the wipe gave a string like black residue after burning. It was just as if there are all chemical substances that formed the wipe. Oh. This was enough evidence that the wipes are not safe for use.

However, the suspicious ‘me’ decided to check the wet wipes that I had been using for my child. I did a flame test on the water wipes – Mother Sparsh, I was not surprised. As expected, there was no smell on burning, no residue and a feel of cotton 100% natural fabric. This is as good as cotton and Water.

It was confirmed. My faith has been restored. I am quite sure that only Mother Sparsh is the ONLY water-based wet wipes I am going to use for my precious one. I never want to compromise on quality for my little baby. This is not just skin friendly and high quality but since there is no complex material used in the wipes, these are definitely going to give more sustainable earth for the future generation. They smell great too. Reminds me of my baby’s natural fragrance.

Well, of course, I immediately called my sister and told her to switch to these amazing wipes.

Due to the ease of buying online, I just ordered them from here. An extra pack that I gifted to my sister too. After getting a recommendation from her big sister, she comfortably opted for them. Since that day, there have been zero issues. She is raising her child like a supermom now.  Worry-free.

In today’s world, we become the victim of advertisement. What we see is what we buy! But I believe that a little research before buying any product for your baby goes a long way. Not just it will avoid any allergies or reactions, it will also give you a peace of mind. I second the Mother Sparsh water wipes always.

More details are available on their website

Let us spread awareness on such issues which are a big health concern. Just as we care about child’s safety, keeping them away from pollutants, and hazardous substance.  in a similar way, let us put a question mark on the daily need baby products too.

Do a flame test now and share the result in comments.



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