What it takes to give a sibling to your kid?

I am aware that as soon as I became a first-time mother, many eyes turned towards me praying and hoping for a much-needed sibling. This started when I was holding a week old baby in my lap. Nonetheless, I get… Continue Reading →

Oyo fujairah UAE weekend getaway staycation review

Fujairah has always been the best weekend getaway spot for the UAE dwellers as the rocky mountains look so appealing in front of the desert and beaches. Fujairah is one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates and… Continue Reading →

Is that kid Cranky or just overwhelmed?

The usually happy kid sometimes throw tantrums and we, parents are like..what? They have never behaved like this before at home. Are they cranky or are they overwhelmed? Kids come with surprise element and parents can never anticipate what the… Continue Reading →

Keeping the kids busy with these activities

My kid had a surprise holiday announced by the school due to Pope’s visit and this just added to my misery. I know it is cute to see your kids around the whole day, but when they get bored, it… Continue Reading →

Choosing the best Insect Repellent for Your Child

Any place could be the hub for the illness causing insects and even layers of clothing, mosquito net, repellent sprays, etc gets failed. Only this time, one product that stays with the kids at all times, is the Mother Sparsh Natural… Continue Reading →

7 Realistic Reasons for Cruising In Dubai At least Once

Dubai is a coastal desert and a beautiful place to explore. This is amongst the top famous travel destinations in the world. Due to its extensive long shoreline, the place can be experienced by various modes. One of them is… Continue Reading →

Much more than just a play space – Pop In and Play

Welcome to the new era of kids play. A new space that has recently launched in the heart and commercial hub of Abu Dhabi’s famous WTC The Mall, has a completely creative concept that allows kids to explore more, but… Continue Reading →

20 Tips for flying with kids to keep you (and them) happy and relaxed

I have flown a lot. Especially after moving to Dubai. I got my priceless princess (Little One) here only. This means the travel would not be easy for her traveling with me for many reasons. As kids do behave unexpectedly… Continue Reading →

The Last Straw- Will You Change The World With Me?

My child who loves pretends game pulled out the beach chair in front of the TV and sat in it like a swimmer relaxing post-swim. She asked for a glass of juice and as the playful pretend game was on… Continue Reading →

13 Reasons why children should be involved in Gardening

All my life, I have seen how my mother kept her balcony so lush green with the natural plants and flower garden. Even though she worked a full time job, she never quit what she loved the most. Gardening. Oh… Continue Reading →

Flame test – Are you sure your baby product is safe?

My younger sister called me. She was confused and panicked. I could sense something was not right. She said that her daughter got severe rashes after she used the wipes a day before. In no time I found out that… Continue Reading →

Easy tips for moving house to a new city with your kids

It’s hard to make the kid understand that the new home will be in a place far away from the present one. When we feel so connected to the place where we stay for a considerable time then the kid… Continue Reading →

What I learned about my child on the first day of the school?

We returned without her. I was unable to believe that she didn’t even say bye to me, not even a glance. My little girl was a preschooler now. I was prepared for a crying, uncontrolled kid. But all she did… Continue Reading →

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