Being an avid traveler since my young years, this time I decided to travel with my infant. But, often things seemed quite complicated with a small baby. The well-known fact is that the little babies and kids fall sick during the travel time only. No, it’s not because of the tiredness. But mainly because there is a lack of sanitization. This is how I kept my small baby safe from the germs and rashes. Read on…… My baby who’s born prematurely is blessed with a very sensitive and rash prone skin. I was in a state of awe when I first held her. I decided I will choose only the best for her. So, I always had one essential in the diaper bag ever ready.

Mother Sparsh: As Good as Cotton & Water 

For the first time, I traveled with her was when she just turned 8 days. I embarked on a long 5-hour journey from Delhi to Roorkee to stay with my in-laws. One thing that saved me from the unnecessary washroom visits for the diaper change was the Wipes. It turned out to be the best alternative to water. After a few months, I got more careful about only having a Skin-Friendly Natural Fabric wipes so that my little one is prevented from Diaper Rashes. When I travelled for the entire 15 hours from India to Dubai ( by train to Delhi Airport and then a 3 hour flight+ 3 hours for the check in check out), I was quite confident to take on this journey as I had polyester Free Baby Wipes, the finest water Based Wipes in my bag all this time. She has been a happy passenger in all the journeys. She never had a single rash or any other issue related to hygiene. After meals, I could clean her cute face with this amazing alcohol-free Baby Wipe – Mother Sparsh.

After any diaper change, Mother Sparsh 98% Water based wipes were always handy. These are the first biodegradable Wipes as they are made up of plant fabric, so I am happy that I am leaving a sustainable world for her future too. These baby wet wipes are amazing and with these, my baby’s hygiene problem is sorted. These are clinically proven for preventing rashes and are safe from any harsh substances (like Parabens and alcohol), they are hypoallergenic and pH balanced so that the baby’s skin stays healthy and mom’s life becomes happy.

I was aware that I wanted the things closest to nature for my little one. When I saw and experienced the Mother Sparsh Water wipes, which are as good as soft Cotton and pure water, It just built my 100% trust in it.

I think when deciding on the diaper essentials, we should stay away from those much overrated and nonbiodegradable products. Those are harmful and most of the rashes comes from using a chemically formulated product. Decide yourself what you feel like the best for your baby and then feel the difference.

The wipes are amazing and can be bought from HERE.And Mother Sparsh WEBSITE

Well, next time you pack the essentials for your baby, remember to put an easy to use and most natural alternative to water – Mother Sparsh Water wipes in the bag/ wardrobe.


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