Didn’t I just want to stay lost? Didn’t I have plans to stay like that forever? I was in a strange and untypical place which one only see in movies. No travel sites can show them. It was that beautiful.  Travel companies claimed this was the best place for a getaway and honestly this was indeed one of the best kid friendly vacation. Fresh air and picturesque surroundings made me walk like a real traveler this time. I was told to stay on the bus but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to miss a second. This was my first European holidays. Vacation. I never imagined in my life that I would be walking on these streets someday. That I will be able to witness a place like no other. Already mesmerized by the drizzle and breeze in Georgia, I felt a sense of respite away from the volcanic heat of Dubai and a perfect getaway with my family. The best family vacation spots were about to get explored.

tbilisi momislearning

Tbilisi a birds eye view

My child was cranky. So, my husband and I agreed that I can stay in the hop off hop on the bus for this site seeing so that I could see to her needs. Husband got off the bus and walked towards the magical monument, which was as golden as the sun. It had a great historic value and I was about to miss the spectacle.

best family vacation spots

Motherhood guilt. I decided that this moment, I had to cater to my 2 and a half-year-old kid. Who barely ate anything during this trip. I guess she was feeling out of her comfort bubble as it was her first time on a long trip. I just watched my husband leaped and sprinted towards the site and I sat inside the bus. I so wanted to go but never mind. Within a minute, the driver started the ignition and within seconds we were at another stop. I only had my daughter and no money or phone. As soon as the bus stopped, I quickly asked the driver of our whereabouts. He said this is the parking area for buses. By now, my daughter had again regained energy and she wanted to see her dad. Shouting for her father.

I asked the driver for the directions and I got off the bus. My child is a clingy one decided that she won’t walk another step. I took her on my shoulder and walked. I knew it was quite a distance till the monument, but I thought –

” Will I ever be able to walk on this lane in this lifetime, probably not. So I either stay on the bus or just walk for now.”


In a place, where the local people did not speak or understand my language, I walked across the streets, experiencing the local lives, how they lived each day, beautiful and fresh faces, no tension. Each home had locally grown vineyards and those marvelously raw grapes were simply calling me to touch them. I have this thing for wines, honestly, during my hotel management graduation, so this looked so unreal to me.

tbilisi momislearning

I was still holding on to my Child’s hands, walking across those hilly lanes with no clue how long till i reach my husband. My girl enjoyed this horsey ride. She said greetings to the locals and managed to grab attention to herself again.

One thing that I loved about Georgia is that each one, no matter what age, is so proud of being a Georgian. They have this respect in their eyes for the tourists and such a lovely way of talking. I wish they stayed like this always.

tbilisi momislearning

I felt warmer after walking, some drizzle even made my hair wet, therefore, I walked with a faster pace so that my husband wouldn’t worry for me. But in all this while, I realized that I am not the same person I was a few minutes ago. I was ready to trade my gold earrings in case I needed money. I was ready to take the unknown risk for wandering in the local Tbilisi streets with my child.

I reached the destination, looked for my husband inside the premises and got a chance to see that place too. I finally saw that the most beautiful orthodox church was worth visiting. The real gold on the top shone across Tbilisi and we could see this place from almost any hilltop.

I handed the kid to the husband and caught up on my breath. I would always remember my wilderness and the guts to roam freely in a new country, without a worry.

Georgia Europe

My child who had a good 15 minutes shoulder ride was finally on her feet running around the monument’s gate.

This summary of my half-an-hour walking tour is a part of the campaign #SayYesToTheWorld #TheBlindList in collaboration with Lufthansa Group. This is not a sponsored post. Please let me know if you have ever done such an adventure that you cherish now?

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