Always have I wondered what would it be like to have an extra pair of hands or just get something hands free? My motherly woes would diminish. My life would get sorted. A simple thought, but has deep meaning to it.

Want to know why I thought so?

My child is a clingy one, with one hand always occupied holding her, feeding her, carrying her, I have done many tasks single-handed. Like literally. (Using a rolling-pin to make Chappati, can you beat that?) So, I decided to ditch all my luxury bags for a normal heavy-duty cross body sling bag, that I could carry all the time and stay hands-free.

I got a feeling that this busy mom can already run and jump along with the little one while out and about. Kids have a lot of energy and keeping them under control (and to keep your sanity level intact) means that you should be hands-free.

I am writing this post sitting at the park bench, adoring my little sling bag by my side. I have my important things like keys, cell phone, money and some water in it among other things. And I am free. Not in the charge of the bag but supported by the ease of it.Whoever has invented these bags, must be given a Nobel Prize to understand the plight of moms. Compact yet spacious enough, these bags are truly lifesavers. Always clung to you, there is no worry about losing or forgetting anything. These bags look after you and not vice versa. You put these across your shoulder and just forget that you have any bag! so easy peasy.

Sling Bag handsfree mother

Whether I am at home where I am occupied with the housework or at the playground where I am also on an active mama mode. My important things are at the hand’s reach and thus this is one thing I can’t leave home without. My crossbody sling bag is already my companion for the next few years.

Bye Bye tension. Hello you riant mother.What kind of bag would you prefer when you have a kid to look after?

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