Dubai is a coastal desert and a beautiful place to explore. This is amongst the top famous travel destinations in the world. Due to its extensive long shoreline, the place can be experienced by various modes. One of them is the old traditional way of cruising. There are numerous sea cruises trips across Dubai which sail along a defined path in various parts of the city. Be ready to try dinner in Dubai -that too on a cruise ship!

Catamaraan cruise dxb Emirates

My family enjoying the city view from the 5-star catamaran cruise ( daddy keeping the kid away from the railing)

The most famous middle East cruises are Dhow Cruise, 5-star Catamaran Cruise, and Marina cruise.


So far, I have explored old Dubai via Dhow Cruise thrice from 2013 till 2017 and the modern Dubai through Catamaran cruise recently in April 2019.

Old boat style dhow dinner cruise in UAE Dubai

If you live here or are just a tourist, then you must include the Cruise in your list. The idea of exploring Dubai’s coastline is thrilling and should be on the bucket list of every individual.

Find out why cruising in the United Arab Emirates will complete your travel experience:

1. The weather channel gets a bit of coverage during the hot summers from May- September when the humidity levels touch a new high. These cruises can still be used as they are Air Conditioned. Yes, that’s good news! Every place has an air conditioner here. Winters are very pleasant here and on the cruise, the top deck gets a bit cold due to the sea but this is the best time to actually be here.

Cruising should be on your bucket list

Cruising should be on your bucket list


2. This is great for a solo traveler, couples, families with young kids, families with elders, etc and therefore this joyride should not be missed.

3. You can see the skyline like never before from the cruise including The tallest tower in the world, the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Water Canal, JW Marquis hotel and the beautiful sea line of Dubai. The sea to Dxb Emirates has its own charm.

4. The Rich culture of UAE can be seen in the performance of the amazing artists who perform Tanoura dance. You won’t want to miss it. The dancer will dance in circular motions for the whole 10-15 minutes. That could be a world record. Mesmerizing too.

Tanoura dubai UAE dance

The Arabic dance Tanoura

5. The complimentary food which is provided on board is a mix of Arabic food like hummus and kebabs and some, Therefore, Dinner in Dubai on a special cruise will just surprise you.

Food + Dance + great view + experience = #Travelgoals

6. Safe: It is well known that in UAE everything is Safe! So, there is no chance of any safety hazard or any other related concern. Even after the cruise finishes at 11 pm, you will most likely get a taxi easily or reach the parking lot without any worry. Oh, I love to say this about UAE. Chuckling*

7. They play live music on some cruises like a catamaran, this refreshes the tourists so much that they end up dancing themselves. The singers sing famous songs from various countries in different languages with such finesse that you would definitely groove.

In some cruises, the Arab singers are available, who rock the people with various songs. Like the one below, it is not a sponsored post, just sharing the details so that booking can be done through them easily, It is my recommended agency.

Booking source for cruise in DXB

Booking source for cruise


My pro tip here is wearing comfortable shoes and dress modestly considering the national values. Do mind your own business and respect others to avoid any legal implications. This is a free country but it has its own limits and tolerance.

Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai

Palazzo Versace Hotel Dubai the beautiful boarding point for the Catamaran cruise

In the end,  When you are doing your Dubai hotel booking, make sure you inquire about the dinner cruise package as well. Also, Click as many pictures you can, as this is something you will remember all your life!



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