We live a beautiful life but sometimes we feel cold, emotionless and dull. We sit back with no feelings or emotions. Just blank. If we talk to other family members, we feel unrelated and unattached. Ironically this is mostly common indoors, we just change as and when we step outside the house. Is this all because of negative energy?

How can we avoid being so neutral or negative? Is this even possible?

The answer is Yes. With a few changes in our house itself, we can transfer the negative energy. This is how to get rid of negative energy from the home:-

Sometimes, we do not know why all of a sudden things start to fall against everything. The energy once so uplifting has all gone negative. The reason is not oneself but the clutter and things around us.

The heavy furniture that has not moved an inch has collected a lot of dust and bacterias and the energy around it has also gone negative.

The water body like the aquarium etc also gets some negative energy if not cleaned periodically. This is very important in Energy healing

Heavy carpets contain a lot of germs, food particles, and dirt that house many illnesses causing germs. The best approach is to shampoo the carpet every once a while, or better to go for the washable ones.

Moving the furniture will also help move energy. As with the heavy furniture, there is no movement and energy clings to it giving it a neutral/negative turn. The change is seen immediately as the house feels refreshed with the change of the room furniture and decor, change or wash of curtains.

Keeping shoes in a designated shoe rack helps too.

Minimize the furniture and personal stuff as per the ACTUAL needs and declutter. Minimalism is the key.

Living room remove negative energy

Living room- Remove negative energy

Less stuff requires less attention and lesser time and money. The same time can be used with the loved ones.

Use safer indoor plants that require less water and are a good source of natural purification of air. They do add to the decor and a great way to add color and positivity to the rooms.

Keep an eye on the leaking taps and pipes, they also add to the unnecessary bacterial and fungal growth and thus, should be fixed immediately.

Leaking taps- Remove negative energy momislearning

Leaking taps- Remove negative energy

Spring cleaning is a great idea too. Use this time to pile the things into two parts–usable and for throwing/give away.

Make this a rule to take out one cloth from the closet and donate for every new addition in its place.

When you look around, you notice there see many things which are just lying there and never used or have no aesthetic value. Getting rid of those things first will create space for more air and positive energy.

Folding the clothes as ‘Marie Condo’ says, will give a sense of belonging and you will know which clothes to actually keep. Teaching young children folding will make them used to the process for the lifetime.

Keep the kitchen grease free, stack things in transparent boxes and buy as per needs. Keeping the kitchen clean even at night time will bring positive energy as it will not attract any bugs, cockroaches, etc.

Some sunshine and cross ventilation will give energy flow and it is a must as per Vastu and science.

Adding a few drops of lemon or essential oils when mopping will certainly freshen up everyone. Try a diffuser or spray with fresh scents to cleanse negative energy. Incense sticks are a great way to freshen up the atmosphere.

Have you ever tried any other ways of removing negative energy?

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