Coming straight to the point, Mayonnaise is one of the worst and most unhealthy foods in the world. Mayonnaise is a bad choice and is used by restaurants as well as in homes these days as a portion of normal food. The market brought Mayo is so easily found in each kitchen that it is getting normalized for everyday eating.

Some moms have even started adding this in their picky kid’s everyday foods like pasta, sandwiches etc in a hope that they will eat something. This is such a slow poison that no one’s aware of.

Composition of mayonnaise

Egg or eggless

Oil 90-95% of the total ingredients

Salt and pepper – to taste

Lemon few drops


There are eggless options also available to lure the vegetarians and vegans but to tell you the truth, the main culprit is Oil.

Oil makes approximately 95% of the mayonnaise. It is an oil-based sauce originating from the French cuisine.

Mayonnaise used in fast food for taste

It sure tastes good, just like any fried item like samosas or fried chicken etc but it directly hits the cholesterol button and blocks the arteries of the connoisseur.

I saw it long back in my home as my sister used it for some pasta but then on enlightening her about the – bad mayonnaise, she threw it away.

Recently on my trip to India, I saw mayonnaise is coming in all flavors and this really is going to cost them much more than taste and those 100 rs.

What a pity that mayonnaise is equally liked by all age groups. Kids love it in their fast food, mothers like a quick easy way to fix a snack for their kids, elderly like it as it is cheesy and so smooth.

Kindly think twice before using the mayonnaise as the shop brought ones will have additional preservatives and chemicals too. On top of the harmful raw oil (trust me it’s not the extra Virgin olive oil but salad oil in excessive quantity) the numerous preservatives will make the choice most unhealthy. So while you think you are munching on a homemade great snack, you are unknowingly making your own body a gutter. Kindly do not treat yourself as a dustbin. Eating junk might be OK but this is extreme.

I am not a teacher or a preacher but I am simply passing on this information. Ask me how I know all this?

I have a degree in hotel management from a reputed college and as a part of my studies, I have made Mayonnaise around 200 times myself.

Even if you make it yourself or buy it from outside, the fact remains that mayonnaise is bad and in the near future, the health complications will start showing.

Of course, using it as a condiment once in a blue moon might not have bad effects.

If you still want the taste in food and want to avoid too much oil then try the homemade Bechamel Sauce, that will work well with the pasta too. Make sure you use some healthy oil like extra virgin olive oil in little quantity and not butter; and instead of using refined flour, switch to whole wheat flour. This is a milk-based sauce thus much healthier than other sauces.



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