It’s been more than a year that I have adopted these little movers. I have a kid and I preferred these cute creatures for the pet as fishes are supposed to be low maintenance and also very quiet. Also, some people use them for ornamentation. The goldfish and silver shark are the perfect low maintenance fish species and also adds positivity to space. Watching them stroll and swim around the aquarium is so satisfying.

Although, the care of the fish is easy but not very simple. With a few tips and tricks, one can keep the fishes healthy and growing.

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Note Below:-

  • Soft water fishes need only other soft water fishes company to survive.
  • There is a specific food for soft water fishes that only must be given.
  • The quantity of the fish flakes or the fish food is limited to a pinch each day so excessive food can also harm them.
  • Fish do like a school – cluster of fishes but keep in mind the aquarium or tank size.
  • The fish need space to move. Do not overfill the tank with more than a few.
  • Fish needs at least 11 hours of sleep so make sure that there is no light in the aquarium or around it.
  • Fish feels depression too, so without startling them, you can talk to them once a while so that they get acquainted with you.
  • Cleaning the fish aquarium is as important as feeding them.
  • Make sure when the water turns slimy greenish, you change the water. But do not completely empty the tank as the ph of the water changes. Slightly greeny water is actually good for the fish.
  • The main cause of the water turning dirty sooner is the source of light as well. Keep the aquarium away from the window and try not to use any artificial lights too.
  • Use 28-30 degree C temperature of water for the best habitat.
  • Remember fish are very delicate so never touch them. Instead, use a fishing mash to lift them if required.
  • The glass of the aquarium tends to get dirty from inside too, so buy a sponge cleaner with a long handle and wipe the inside of the tank during the bi-weekly cleaning.
  • They need oxygen too. Yes. Thus, there must be oxygen supply through a clean pipe at all times.
  • Get an aquarium thermometer to be sure of the right water temperature.
  • The aquarium sponge or wool is necessary to strain the water round the clock and is to be changed every 15 days, depending on how bad it is.
  • Too many fish in one tank will get crowded so keep a few fishes for longer life.
  • It is normal for a few fish to die and float on the top of the aquarium when they are first introduced to a new habitat. Do not feel sad about it. Make sure you dispose of that dead fish and change the water.

While Vacationing

It is alright to go on holidays but since the aquarium can’t travel with you, the best practice is to leave them under human supervision. I give my house keys to my supportive neighbors and they feed the fish every day.

Love thy neighbors

In case, the aquarium is small, you can even move it to the house next door where they can see a lot of activities and won’t feel depressed.

Before going on holidays, make sure you clean the aquarium and use clean water from The SAME water source as even a slight pH change can be dangerous for the fishes.

In case of any common fish disease like fin rot, treat the water immediately with a suitable water-soluble medicine. Adhere to the dosage mentioned.

In the end, make sure you sanitize the bucket, brush, mug etc and clean the floor after every water change.

The little water babies will keep you smiling for many years.

If you are planning to get some fish for yourself, these tips will be handy for you.

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