We returned without her. I was unable to believe that she didn’t even say bye to me, not even a glance. My little girl was a preschooler now. I was prepared for a crying, uncontrolled kid. But all she did was excitedly entering the classroom and happily introducing herself. I was instructed to stay back at school at least the first day, but her behavior somehow convinced me that she is comfortable. But you know what I understood about my child on the first day of the school? Keep reading.

I left her at her playschool. Hoping there would be a call from the school suggesting us to return anytime. I again left my cell number with the receptionist. As I reached home, I was having mixed feelings. I called the school twice and the front office staff checked the CCTV and confirmed that “she is playing.

I saw all the kids her age are going to the play school. Except for mine. We were just not able to decide whether or not to start with her nursery education as yet. We weren’t even sure of which school to opt for. Lots of people had various opinions about the schooling system, the curriculum, the right age of the kid to attend a play school. We were vigil and updating ourselves constantly. But learning about my child’s behavior on her first day of school was our biggest concern.

Not long ago, we took this big decision. We put a heavy stone on our heart and considering it’s the right step for our precious three-year-old, we got her admission into a close by nursery school. The uniforms were issued, school bag with a new tiffin box and water bottle were bought. Just like any excited parents, our hearts were filled with mixed emotions too. Suggestions by Grandma and Granny as to how to deal with this ‘big day’ of course was the part of this process. Everyone was preparing my husband and mostly me to cope up with the first-time-distance with the offspring.

I was given directions to stay back for the entire 3 hours duration of the school, in case she won’t stay there, I could always fetch her back home. I wondered if she would eat anything by herself as she enjoys the pampering of her mother feeding her at home while she plays or jumps. To me, the best and most relaxed aspect was that she got toilet trained and could well communicate her needs to the grown-ups. No diapers for her. She simply rejected them. But I was wary of any potty accidents and honestly wasn’t sure of the school staff’s capability to handle MY Child. Yes, she is a bit of a handful and active. All this quite got me sailed through her first day of school quite easily.

All well that ends well. At sharp 11:30 am, half an hour before the class finishes, I was at the school, to pick up my darling home. I saw on the CCTV screens that she is happy inside. I could even hear the sound of her singing along with the other kids. I was relieved.

I achieved this by not just being a friendly mother but also by preparing her for this big day in advance. She wasn’t scared. She was social. She wanted some time away with other kids. She was independent after all. She started her journey away from the parents now.

Ultimately, I had learned that being a parent is harder emotionally, but if you allow your kid so be social and give them some space, it is going to prove quite fruitful for their initial distant days.

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