Picture Collage : Easy, No Preparation Craft Activity for Kids

The toughest part of summers is to handle toddlers and young kids who feel house arrest and get bored every 10 minutes.

Hello Moms!

The guest author and my dear friend Kinshoo from Mom Learning With Baby, is sharing with you a super easy and no preparation craft activity to keep your kids engaged.

Making a picture collage is a great way to let young kids run their imagination and practice fine motor skills for those tiny fingers. And some “Me Time” for mommy is a bonus – “WIN-WIN”!!



  1. A white sheet of paper
  2. Few magazine cuttings – the more the better
  3. Glue stick

That’s it!!

Handover the stuff to kid and get some peace-time for yourself.

As her 3-year old super-active boy is showing a great affinity towards glue and sticking, so needless to say this activity was great fun for him.

Kinshoo loved watching how carefully he was placing the different pictures of babies, school bus, and rainbow in certain places. She asked him to glance at all the pictures once and then start sticking after getting an idea of what will go where. And then she was proud to say that he amazed her with the outcome.

Here is the video of this cute threenager of hers creating his own first picture collage.


Do make use of all those old mother and baby magazines and even supermarkets booklets that you have and let your child create a masterpiece.

One Tip: Don’t give any instructions to them. Let their creativity come out.

One more Tip: More pictures means more time in sticking means more free time for mommy. (means Happy Momma)

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