The usually happy kid sometimes throw tantrums and we, parents are like..what? They have never behaved like this before at home. Are they cranky or are they overwhelmed? Kids come with surprise element and parents can never anticipate what the next minute can bring.

The surprise package unwraps itself when it is least expected.

W35My happy go lucky 4-year-old kid who is mostly very adorable and understanding ( like a grown-up) has thrown tantrums too and I am quite used to such situations. The toddler tantrums can be simply enjoyed and instead of bribing them, threatening them or later punishing them, the root cause must be found out.

Positive parenting is best applied during this period when a toddler or kid is hitting or crying or swirling on the floor.

My mantra is simple – let them be kids whereas the parent/guardian have to be ready to behave like a “grown-up”.

They look up to their parents mostly mothers as they are psychologically attached to them. Supporting kid’s such requirements will help them overcome such situations and will help them grow stronger as an individual in a long time.

Kids tantrums are a call for help

Kids tantrums are a call for help

Being kids can be hard mostly because:

  1. Kids might not be able to control their emotions at all times.
  2. Kids do not have an idea to express complex feelings and this can cause such mental breakouts we call tantrums.
  3. Kids want to do things their own way.
  4. Kids feel overwhelmed and this is as normal as hunger or thirst.


Controlling an overwhelmed child is a challenge in itself. Imagine being on a stage when you have stage fright. Sometimes even the adults cannot contain their emotions in out-of-control situations. The little ones are absolutely allowed to throw tantrums.


Happy Kid sometimes turn very cranky

Happy Kid sometimes turn very cranky

It is not a tantrum. It is a sign, a call for help that their tiny minds need to be understood.

When I read an article about why kids are 800 times worse when their mothers are around, it made a total sense to me that they look up to the mothers to feel safe.

Parenting skills should be like that the kids can open to the parents about their fears, emotions and safety issues. It is a stage that develops their mental health and personality.

This should not be treated as merely something to fret about. This is also not something to be embarrassed about. This is also not something to punish the child.

This is childhood, their tantrums are temporary. After a while, these tantrums will become memories so taking it positively.

Maybe you once behaved like this as well!

Let me hear your thoughts on this.

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